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Cristo Fernandez (Guadalajara, 1991) wears sports clothes, his face sweaty and tired; But very happy. This overflowing emotion of the Mexican actor arises from his recent reunion with his greatest passion: football. All this took place in the fourth edition of the Star Gathering, a charity event that unites within the framework of football stars and famous personalities. Xcaret Platinum Awards 2024.

What a joy to be here fulfilling dreams.“says the Mexican artist in conversation with El Comercio.

Cristo Fernandez played professional soccer, but an injury saved him from his dreams and, at the same time, brought him closer to a new passion: acting. (Photo: Premios Latin)

A friendly tournament dedicated to golf lovers was held last Thursday at El Chameleon Mayagoba, benefiting the Quintana Roo State Family Comprehensive Development Organization. With Gabby Espino as the captain, the luminaries fell 8-3 against football legends: Miguel Angel Moya, Diego Forlan, Mario Suarez, Joaquin Sanchez, Fernando Morientes, Diego Godin, Javier Mascherano, Keiska Mendieta and Miguel Lleida.

Life with football

Cristo Fernández was a young soccer player with a promising career at Decos de Guadalajara long before he gained recognition for his role as charismatic forward Dani Rojas in the “Dead Lasso” series. From childhood, football was his ultimate passion. At the age of 15, he was already shining in the lower divisions, and in 2014 he made his debut with Guayama FC in Puerto Rico, until injuries began to affect his performance, especially to the knee. That's when he had to leave the field.

Fernandez admitted that he was very disappointed when he left football. Those were hard years, lots of sacrifices and “existential crises”.

My dream is football, so it was difficult for me to understand why all this was happening to me: injuries, crises. Later, I understood that everything from the greatest misfortunes to the most beautiful things happen for a reason. Thank God I found new dreams and passions. I prepared myself, studied in Mexico, and soccer came back to me and gave me opportunities in acting. It's a dream to do two of my favorite things“, recognize.

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He also recalled his participation in the movie “Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts”, which was recorded in various settings in Peru, such as areas such as Cusco and San Martin. The actor provided the voice and essence of the first Latin Autobot Wheeljack, a scientist who turns into a pair of 2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

We recorded the vocals in Guadalajara. I tried to make it sound Mexican, so I said: 'Ayyay'.”, he commented.

Did you use Peruvian slang like 'casa' and 'asu mare'?Well yes, I mean, Peru has a lot of talent throughout Latin America, so we have to support each other“, the Mexican actor highlighted that he is working on new projects with his production company. . He is also one of the cast members of the series “Acapulco” starring Eugenio Derbez, which will premiere its third season on May 1st on Apple TV+.

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