Dubbed films are banned in Mexico; Subtitles only

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Either we learn English or become proficient in reading subtitles In Mexico, a law came into force on March 22 that prohibits the showing of films dubbed in Spanish. Cinemas, As part of the “addition process” for holders of all of these DeafnessThis is approximately 2.4 million people, according to data from the Technology Lab.

New law: Prohibited dubbing films

The new regulation imposes it In Mexico, only movies with Spanish subtitles can be shown in their original language., Which is mentioned in Article 8 of the Federal Cinematography Act, the changes reflected in the official gazette of the Federation.

This is on February 16th 443 votes were cast in favor of the reforms and one vote was cast, Which was celebrated by the Chairman of the Commission Culture and cinematography, Sergio Meyer, confirmed that these changes are an improvement in the enjoyment of the human and cultural rights of all Mexican people.

It’s about breaking down barriers It prevents people with disabilities from being able to fully enjoy various artistic and cultural expressions such as cinema when asked about this, ”he said.

There will be dubbing in animated movies

In all of these changes, leaving us alone is one thing Animated images can be dubbed into Spanish Education is like documentaries-, but there must be verses in them. Fortunately, we guarantee that we will continue to hear the voices that mark our lives through this, yet there is no doubt that their field of work will be greatly reduced.

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