Find the word “SHARK” in the word search; Beat the puzzle before the deadline – teach me about science

See the following picture, which is a Alphabetical soup An intermediate level created by the site Great teacher It hides the word you need to find in a short time.

You only have a few seconds for this visual challenge, and it’s an essential opportunity to practice your skills that you don’t want to miss. Create a new record and beat other users’ times.

Find the word “shark” within 8 seconds

Photo: : Great teacher

We don’t doubt your skills, we know that you managed to find the hidden word in word search, maybe if you can’t find the word, don’t worry, you can get new chances in other visual challenges of the same level. Difficulty.

Before revealing the solution, let us tell you some interesting facts about one of the most amazing animals in the sea.

Fun facts about sharks

  • A fast shark Short-fin mako It reaches a speed of 74 km per hour.
  • They have no bones, their skeletons are made of cartilage.
  • Some fossils have lived on the planet for more than 90 million years, revealing that they existed before trees.
  • The hammerhead shark has 360° vision.
  • Generally, their gestation period lasts 11 to 12 months, although species such as the eel shark and basking shark take up to three years.
  • They cannot produce any kind of sound.
  • They may get diseases like cancer.
  • Despite having sharp and strong teeth, they do not chew their food.


Photo: : Great teacher

If you want to constantly improve your visual skills such as attention, reasoning, analysis, observation, concentration and other qualities, you should choose visual puzzles that challenge and challenge you to use your experience.

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