Abinadar in his next administration DR | AlMomento.net says he will deepen the “change”.

Santo Domingo. – The Dominican Humanist Party (PHD) this Saturday announced Luis Abinader as its presidential candidate for the May 2024 elections.

During the swearing-in, the president of the PHD, Ramon Emilio Coriz, asked for “four more years to deepen the change in every sense of word and deed.”

He recalled that the PHD was the first party to declare Abinatar in 2016, the first party to do so in 2020, and is now doing so again because “the change is being seen and felt throughout the Dominican Republic.”

Goris read the company’s program line, which he then presented to the candidate. It is based on the rule of law, education, right to work, health and family, he said.

“President Abinader’s numerous and outstanding contributions to the welfare of all Dominicans are without doubt,” he said.

“Thanks to his administration, today we can talk about progress in public policies, achievements reflected in a more independent justice system, more than two million people benefiting from SENASA, thousands of houses built and much more.

After accepting the nomination, Abinader recognized the loyalty of the PHD and the coincidence of its ideals with the political establishment.

“Sense of State”

He said he would continue to deepen change for the betterment of the country in his next government administration because “we have a sense of statehood.”

He highlighted that progress is evidenced by facts such as the Inter-American Press Association highlighting for the first time “the complete freedom that exists in the Dominican Republic to use the press without any form of censorship.”

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“Transformation continues for more social assistance, reform of the national police, more health and a freer justice,” Abinader declared.

“Four more years to build the foundations of a truly independent public ministry, to complete the reform of the police, to really establish primary health care in the Dominican Republic, and the rest belongs to our country’s social security system.” He pointed out.

He said that four more years are needed to continue developing the South and creating employment in the region
While the country is very impoverished, tourism continues to be promoted in free zones throughout the national territory and throughout the Dominican Republic.

Visit all corners

Electido Paula, PHD’s ad-vitam president, said the re-election candidate during his current mandate has not gone to any corner of the country without going to listen to the residents and provide solutions to their needs.

Among those present were the President of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) Jose Ignacio Palisa and Eddy Olivares of the PRM Alliance Commission.


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