Facundo calls from America to the Cuban who regrets tattooing Díaz-Canel

Comedian Andy Vasquez He used his character “Facundo Correcto” to make a phone call to Cuban Pedro Miares Vega. Show it with pride He had a tattoo of Miguel Diaz-Canel’s faceBut in recent days there has been an outburst against the regime In that video, he said that he and his family were starving.

In a hilarious phone “conversation” recreated by Andy Vasquez, Facundo tries to dissuade Pedro Miares from his approach, without success.

For a funny conversation, the comedian used the live broadcast from December 9, in which Pedro Miares attacked Díaz-Canel again.

Miares Vega said he felt “betrayed” and insisted that his constant support for the revolution was in no way supported on social networks. He specifically mentioned a small plot of land which he requested to cultivate, and they did not give him that either.

Complaining that they were “crazy” and dismissing everything, he reiterated that he had nothing to eat. He says that he has been eating only bread for many days because he gives rice to his children.

“Chek Miares” – also known as the controversial Cuban – admitted that he wanted to get a tattoo, but he didn’t have the money to do so.

In the first publication to express Pedro Miares’ disagreement with the regime, The Cuban government was mercilessly attacked.

“I don’t trust anybody. Put me in jail, that’s the only thing you know…. You’re putting the whole country in jail now. Don’t find anything anymore… There you have it. The country is starving, out of work, we can’t even solve the ping… Everything is problems..everything is dead end, dead end… dead end is here” he said and never forgot. Mention how fat the leaders in the country are.

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In June, Pedro Miares Vega, who presents himself to his network as an “exemplary CED member,” celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) by tattooing the face and symbol of Miguel Díaz-Canel. Communist Party on his chest. Cuba (PCC), something that immediately unleashed dozens of mockeries on social networks.

With a unique speech he told the story of his life and the reason for his love for the ruler, proudly displaying the face of a Diaz-Canel with a suspicious physical resemblance to “Czech Miares” immortalized very close to his left nipple.

On that occasion, Miares Vega, who claimed to be the creator of the Facebook group – now deleted – “I follow my president Díaz-Canel”, explained in a condensed and more coherent way that he was the son of “revolutionary parents”. It taught him to be “humble and respectful.” At 24, he said, he suffered from nerves and, thanks to Fidel Castro, received weekly injections that cost $90 a year.

“I slowly got my life back on track but it ended in bad steps,” Miares added; From there he began to describe how he suddenly entered the Internet in 2017. Díaz-Canel said that once he took over as president, he began working on the social networks field at a conceptual level “without receiving orders.”

The incompatibility of such comments, in perfect combination with the image of the tattoos, led to dozens of funny comments, many of them questioning the quality of the injections Pedro Miares received in his youth or recommending to resume treatment.

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