Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Married? Tony Romo’s weird opinion that has caused a stir

Taylor Swift is already a part of NFL Every now and then he appears in the games Kansas City Chiefs It’s important to show your support for your reactions or your partner, Travis Kelce But this time a comment from the former quarter Dallas Cowboys and current commentator on CBS, Tony RomoIt has caused a stir.

During game transfer between Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, Travis KelceAnd he had a catch in the second quarter, so Taylor Swift Focused by the camera and Tony Romo, She claimed to be a strict wife. However, he corrected his opinion within seconds.

“How do you see your wife? Kels, Taylor Swift, In public…” Romo corrected himself, “Sorry, friend.”

After this error Tony Romo, As he started saying that, the singer’s followers were in a frenzy on social networks Taylor Married secretly.

Taylor Swift stopped short of giving the Kansas City Chiefs good luck

The Kansas City Chiefs After falling 20-17 against Buffalo Bills, So Taylor Swift’s luck at attending Missouri team games is dwindling.

With the result, the Andy Reid-led group’s record stands at four wins and two losses. Travis Kelce.

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Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift make it to the altar?

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Planning a Wedding? Mhoni Vidente’s prediction about the couple revealed that they plan to reach the altar very soon as both consider them to be the perfect couple.

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“They want to get married in October or December, how exciting… I think it’s going to be a secret wedding and they’re going to invite people who are very close to them,” the psychic began.

Taylor Swift supports Travis Kelce

Ed Zurka/Labresse

Mahoney The singer, who is about to turn 34, “already wants to get married because she wants to be a mother,” and revealed that she can fulfill her dream with Travis.

Besides, Mhoni Vidente announced a big news to Kansas City Chiefs, “He reached the Super Bowl finals and says Taylor dominates in every way; number one in music, number one in songs, number one in everything now.

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