Ephemeris of February 26: What Happened on a Day Like Today?

The Ephemeris of February 26 Collect different events Today, it’s common for people to spend a day like Sunday – among others Anniversaries Date – Celebrates the 67th birthday of the French writer Michel Houellebecq.

Author of books like platform Born on February 26, 1956 Reunion Island: One of the overseas territories belonging to the European nation on the coast of Madagascar. After a period of training, he switched studies to programming, agriculture and sustainable influence. LiteratureIn 1994 he published his first novel. Expansion of the battlefield. Development of ThreadWritten in the first person from the point of view of a cynic who questioned Western values, deeply moved by the fate of his life, it drew attention to his image and established him as a commentator on society at the turn of the millennium. Globalized and coming times.

Since then, his Books They address current issues related to the future of the human species. His original view of it earned him criticism from various quarters, such as some members of the Muslim community who felt offended by his writings.

Besides those already mentioned, his best-known volumes include Basic particles, Map and territory And dedicationTo name a few blocks Construction site It includes story, essay and poetry.


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