Unreleased pictures of Delcigate, Delci Rodriguez and Jose Luis Abalos meeting in Barajas

Goldo Garcia and Jose Luis Abalos (behind him) on the runway of Barajas Airport in the early morning of January 20, 2020.

Never-before-seen footage of what happened at Barajas Airport on January 19-20, 2020. Until now. EL MUNDO has obtained unpublished photographs illustrating key moments of the Telsi case, one of the controversies that plagued the government in the last legislature. To Goldo Garcia, right-hand man of former minister Jose Luis Abalos. The confusing and unclear meeting of the government of the vice president of Venezuela, who was banned from entering the territory of the European Union, enters a new chapter with the then minister and secretary of the PSOE organization.

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The meeting, which took place at the foot of the runway at Madrid airport, will be one of the issues focused on by the Senate's parliamentary commission on the Goldo case. Not so in Congress, where the PSOE refused to invite former minister Jose Luis Abalos, who is now deputy to the Joint Committee. Already at that time, the controversial visit of Nicolás Maduro's vice president was even raised from the PP ranks to the European Parliament, so that the government of Pedro Sánchez could give proper explanations. But the key unknowns surrounding the case are the executive has always refrained from providing precise information on what was the reason for Maduro's vice president's trip and what suitcases Delsey Rodríguez brought to Spain.

It all started on January 19, 2020 at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport. That night, already early in the morning of January 20, at 00:30, Sky Valet – Falcon 900 model – a private plane landed. TC-AKE registration and belonging to a Turkish company – Barajas' executive terminal is frequented by flights of this type, usually carrying high-profile businessmen and celebrities. His final destination is the Turkish airport in Istanbul, where he plans to arrive on the afternoon of the same January 20, 2020.

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Inside the plane were three crew members, the Vice President of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delci Rodríguez, and five people who accompanied him: Kenny Antonio Díaz Rosario (Director General of the Vice President), Félix Ramon Placencia González (then Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade), Jorge Andrés Jimenez Ochoa. (construction businessman), Youssef Abo Nassif Smiley (then partner of Lebanese businessman Telsi Rodriguez) and Alejandra Carolina Bastidas González, director of the Institution's relations with the Vice President).

Half an hour before the flight's arrival, Commissioner Jesús María Gómez Martín, then head of the National Police Border Post at the airport and today the senior head of the Canary Islands, arrived at the FBO terminal in a camouflaged Toyota vehicle – summary. From the terminal where these types of private planes arrive – with another police officer. Both, in civilian clothes, approach the terminal.

When the plane landed, at around 00:30, the then Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and Secretary of the PSOE Organization, José Luis Abalos Mego, appeared at the airport with his main advisor in the Cabinet, Goldo García Isaguer. , he was a consultant at Renfe Mercancias y Puertos del Estado, and he is now being investigated by commissions related to the sale of masks in epidemics to various public administrations.

The duo, along with the commissioner and two companions, boarded the police command's Toyota and headed for the slopes. The pictures revealed today by EL MUNDO correspond to the walk on the sets. Then they reached the flight stairs. Apollos, Goldo and a third man boarded. The Commissioner, instead of boarding the plane, stayed at the foot of the rail.
About an hour later, around 1:30 a.m., Apollos, Goldo, and the third man got off the plane and returned to the FBO terminal in vehicles, but with several passengers on board. The commissioner and his deputy, a national police officer, did not leave the area until 3am.

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As Koldo García himself revealed in a recent interview with EL MUNDO, 12 suitcases were taken off the plane on which the Venezuelan Vice President was traveling that night, “six big and six small, they were put back on the plane.” Details about the contents of the luggage Goldo is talking about are not yet known.

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