Omigron – New Travel Restrictions for the United States by International

Passengers at airports in the middle of Kovil

Passengers at airports during times of epidemics.


Paulo Aguilar / EFE

According to the Washington Post, the US government is examining new restrictions on travelers. New Omigron variant. Activities such as: PCR test A day before the trip; A second PCR test within three to five days of arrival in the country and a seven-day isolation option depending on other countries are also considered.

These measures are in addition to the need Govt Vaccine Card With complete plan. All activities will be announced shortly The presence of cases of the new Omigron variant in many countries, including Latin America.

These measures are in addition to the WHO’s recommendations for those who have not been vaccinated, those over 60, and those who are still recovering from Covid disease to avoid traveling because of the risk of developing severe Covid disease.

These are the countries that have issued travel restrictions for the Omigron variant.

for now Colombia does not issue restrictions to passengers via omicron. The Ministry of Health He warned, for example, that decisions such as closing international flights to Colombia would not be possible.

The Director of Epidemiology and Demography of the Ministry of HealthJulian Fernandez Nino pointed out that a regulation “discriminates against and punishes those countries with high genetic monitoring capabilities and reports decently to the WHO and international organizations.”

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