How to make your old photo negatives with your mobile phone

Do you still have those old negatives from your childhood? You may have acquired a valuable collection of memories captured in formats that are difficult to manage today.

Because of the lack of services available, you might think that those negatives are useless files. However, whatever form those memories take, there is a solution to restore them and give them new life.

If your Negative Stored in a closet, it’s time to take them out and discover that this process can be carried out directly from your mobile in an accessible and efficient way. Photo camera.

There are three main applications that provide the capability change them Old negatives on digital photosAll using your mobile phone.

3 Apps to Create Photo Negatives from Your Phone

Applications offer the opportunity to recover those special moments captured on negatives, allowing them to be digitally shared and preserved forever.

The process is surprisingly simple. You need to download one of the apps that specialize in this process.

OBVHNUA Digital Frame

These tools are generally intuitive and easy to use. Simply point your phone’s camera negatively and let the app do the rest.

This way, you can turn forgotten negatives into digital memories with just a few simple steps.

Helmut is a film colleague

Helmut is a film colleague

If you want to digitize your negatives easily and quickly, we recommend the Helmet Film Scanner. This Android app allows you to scan your negatives with your mobile camera and get high quality images.

It automatically adjusts the color, brightness and contrast of your photos, but also gives you the option to edit them manually if you want to give them a personal touch. This app is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download it APK file Preserve your memories digitally.

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Kodak Mobile Film Scanner

Kodak Mobile Film Scanner

Another application to consider Kodak Mobile Film Scanner, available for both Android and iOS. You can choose between three enhancement modes: color, black and white, or positive color.

Additionally, you can customize your images with exposure effects and original frames. It’s very easy to use: just shoot the negative with your camera and the app will do the rest. With this, you can enjoy your memories digitally and share them with anyone you want.

Film box

Film box

Film box An app that allows you to create your negatives quickly and easily. All you have to do is take a photo of the negative on your Android or iOS device, and the app automatically takes care of orienting and processing it.

It is perfect for those who want to save time and effort without sacrificing quality. With just a few taps on your screen, you can get amazing pictures.

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