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Eduardo Moran
Juarez Journal

April 25, 2021 | 20:56

City of Juarez- Once again Braves de Jurass showed that they already knew how to reach a good number of opponents in 90 minutes, but at the same time it was clear that they had not yet learned to act effectively on the last touch. Allowing them to score and were beaten 1-0 by Colos de Guerrero under heavy rain at the Correjidora Stadium last night.

As usual from the start of the 2021 Liga MX Classura, the error in kicking a corner allowed the Curatoro side to find the only goal of the game in the 68th minute. Hugo Silveira ended up against Flavio Santos’ note and he slipped in an attempt to block the Kallos player, which made it no problem for Silveira to send the balls to the back of the net.

Despite this defeat, even if they lose to Toluca on Friday, the Braves will be 16th on the citation table, meaning they will have to pay 50 million pesos to stay in the maximum Mexican football rounds.

Before scoring, Braves had produced at least five attacking results in the second half. When they looked down at themselves on the scoreboard, they did not lower their hands and continued to try to find the target, even in extra time Garcia stepped into the competition area like a Spanish defender and received a filtered pass in search of sending a center. In line with the goal, but the service was too long.

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Braves’ first appearance in the game came just above the crossbar in the third minute with a long-range shot from Marco Fabian. Ten minutes later, goalkeeper Ivan Vasquez saved the Mello Juarez team with a strong shot from below by Angel Sebalveda, who hit the division into the big area.

Joaquin Esquivel finished the center of a big draw 16 minutes and three minutes later in a very sluggish manner, three minutes later turning to Flavio Santos, whose shot went wide after a series of worst plays on the left.

The Juarez team dominated the action after 25 minutes of play, with several visits to the attack, but again unable to complete a goal. In the 32nd minute, and in the rain, Marco Fabian got the ball on the edge of the big area and rehearsed his shot, hitting the ball through a chamber, making the rope, but not coming down and going over the crossbar.

Juventus will close the match as host of the Red Devils in Toluca on Friday, beating the United States 3-1 yesterday. The game is scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m.

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