Controversy in Pachuka! Should Eric Sanchez have been sent off after his goal?

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The clash of the second leg semifinals of the tournament Closing 2022 Of MX League come in பச்சுகா Y United States In addition to a possible expulsion, there was a second dose of controversy Nicholas IbanesThe Tusos They would have been saved on the second occasion to stay with ten men.

It was after the goal of the midfielder Eric Sanchez The debate erupted as the footballer went to the stand to hug local fans, which was pointed out by the former World Cup referee and today an analyst ESPN, Philip Ramos Risso.

Sanchez scored in the 30th minuteWhen he scored the second goal பச்சுகா He goes to the stage to celebrate hugging the audience, which is the reason for the condemnation; The second yellow not shown“, Ramos Risso pointed out.

It was 43 minutes Sanchez He got the ball outside the area to hit a long shot that slipped into the bottom of the goal post William Ochoa; 30 minutes before his celebration, he saw the yellow card for a kick Federico Vinas.

Celebration with followers பச்சுகா For the whistler this is not a cause for warning Fernando HernandezWho resumed the match without problems.

What does the regulation say?

According to Rule 12: Mistakes and misconductThis action deserves a yellow card as it is not allowed during a celebration.Climb perimeter fences Or interact closely with an audience that creates security issues.

பச்சுகா Continued with eleven men and took advantage of a thrash opportunity United States The attack was not identified, so Tusos They have one and a half feet The final against Atlas.


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