Rio Negro News – Rio Negro will have its own space to fix the video surveillance cameras

The RN Emergencias will have its own space in Viedma for the collection and arrangement of video surveillance cameras, as well as computers and other equipment. This will generate greater organization and significant savings for the State.

The property that is located in Las Heras and Pueyrredón was loaned by the Municipality of Viedma to the Undersecretariat of Citizen Security. During the ceremony for the anniversary of the capital, the Secretary of State for Security and Justice, Betiana Minor and the mayor of the city, Pedro Pesatti, signed the act of commitment.

The head of Citizen Security, Claudio Ramírez, said that this is very good news for the entire RN Emergencias team and pointed out that the Technical area of ​​the Undersecretariat will be installed in the building.

“It is very important because we are going to have a space to unify and work through the Technical area, so that it can be dedicated to the repair and preventive maintenance of all the equipment,” said the official, who added that they can be stored and repaired there. vehicles, store equipment and stocks of supplies that are acquired.

“RN Emergencias already has 18 offices throughout the province, more than 240 employees and this leads to having a job and a supply strategy for all these offices to function. With this, we will have a strategic storage space, both for supplies and for technical equipment, ”he said.

He clarified that “it will facilitate an ordering and work not only for the Viedma video surveillance system, but it also allows us a tool that we will be able to use for the rest of the localities.”

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