MLA Fernando Toddys Jr. claims he trolled Trevor Bayer for revenge

A whole new ‘enmity’ and rivalry has developed between the players M.L.P. Well Fernando Toddis Jr. and Trevor Powr conducted the biggest ‘pitch battle’ in the game Between San Diego Patres and Los Angeles Dodgers Last Saturday. Because it is Todd Jr., after celebrating his home run against Pitcher with his celebration of Trevor Boyer, declared that what he did was ‘revenge’.

The weekend theme in the MLP world is undoubtedly the clash between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Patres, in particular, between Trevor Boyer and Fernando Todd Jr..

According to ESPN journalist Alton Gonzalez, the ‘slanders’ against Trevor Bauer were ‘revenge’ for what he and Pedres had done on previous occasions, and they were not his choice.

“It’s so funny. You meet a guy like that, you do his thing, you have fun on the podium, when you master him, you master him, and you celebrate,” he noted. Dominican short stop.

The rivalry between Bauer and the 22-year-old Dominican turned out to be big time after the meeting, on Sunday morning 25th, when they exchanged unpleasant comments on social networks.

Fernando Todd Jr. scored two home runs for Trevor Boyer in the game between the Patriots and the Dodgers, in spite of their efforts, the Los Angeles team won 4-5.

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