Video: Mayors of Zakatoloca and San Rafael Obrazuvelo imprisoned on corruption charges

The operation, which began early Monday, also involved the arrest of councilors and BNC agents. There are 19 people in total, three of whom are survivors. The attorney general said the investigation, which led to the arrest of the mayors and other defendants, took eight months.

A total of 16 people were arrested during an operation carried out this morning. During the Monarca operation, 19 people had arrest warrants, three of them adults. The detainees include the mayors of Zagatelloca, Francisco Salvador Hiresi and the mayor of San Rafael Obrazuvelo, Rafael Amalkar Aguilar. Councilors and Alderman were also captured.

Heresi Moradia will be charged with illegal negotiations and personal bribery. Rafael Amalkar Aguilar for the crime of fraud.

Attorney General’s Office The detainees are said to be linked to corruption in the municipalities of Sakadeguloca and San Rafael Obrazuvelo. In the case of the mayor and councilor of San Rafael Obrazuvelo, they sold the basic grains they were supposed to provide to the people, the public ministry pointed out.

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“They worked on the basis of manuals, bribes, negotiation infrastructure projects,” Attorney General Raul Melara said in an interview with Ernesto Lopez on Channel 21.

The final investigation into the arrests of the mayors and other defendants took eight months, and the public prosecutor added that there was no cooperation from the CICIES. He promised to inquire about more corrupt networks in other municipalities, but did not go into details.

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In a statement, Defendants negotiated the issuance of technical folders and direct purchase orders at the hearing, which began in August 2020, in which individuals voted for councilors and mayors, thus approving the purchase, in favor of those interested in illegally trading.

In addition, it has been determined that the joint transport employers paid the Zakatelukka municipality to approve a contract that would affect the “competition”.

Photo Attorney General of the Republic

According to the indictment, when the “Cristobal”, “Amanda” and “Etta” storms appeared, the mayor’s office in San Rafael Obrazuelo acquired 900 quintals of corn, each of which was sold at 00 11.00.

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One of the captives was an assistant investigator and A corporal of PNC, They are accused by the prosecutor’s office of receiving gifts from merchants to do work to combat “theft” on public transport.

The arrests are part of Operation Monarch, which is being carried out in various parts of the country.

List of captives:

1. Jaime Gilberto Valdas Hernandez (Company Valkas SADCV)
2. Alejandro Oswaldo Cruz Pian (presented as an engineer)
3. Louis Angel Jimenez Benitez (Participated in Tenders)
4. Santos Portillo Gonzalez (3rd Councilor)
5. Carlos Arturo Arazo Gomes (Mayor of Zagatecoluca)
6. Adenilson Amilcar Perez Perez (UACI Zagatololuca)
7. Always Stanley Henriques Cruise
8. Manuel de Jesus Ayala (PNC Assistant Analyst)
9. Jose Ricardo Pineta (Transport Entrepreneur)
10. Rafael Amalcar Aguilar Alvarado (Mayor of San Rafael Obrazuvelo).
11. Luis Armando Gomez Alvarado (who traded corn with the mayor of San Rafael Obrazuello)
12. Francisco Salvador Hiresi Moratயாa (Mayor of Zakatoloca)
13. Jose Dennis Cordova Elizando (Councilor of Zakatoloka)
14. Miguel Angel Sikas (Lawyer)
15. Jose Rene Hernandez Fuvasilan (Bus Operators)
16. Jose Rene Hernandez Quinteros (Bus Operators)

1. Eduardo Laura (obviously out of the country)
2. Rene Jacob Hernandez Foussillan (reportedly on PORTUGAL)
3. Ranulbo de Jesus Portillo Diaz

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