Women and science, an unsustainable deficit

One professional field where gender equality and the presence of women remains a worrying deficit is science and technology. This imbalance is severely detrimental to the common goal of achieving full equality and, as a direct consequence, to the social and economic development of any country. As decided by the United Nations, full and equal access and participation in all fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – so-called STEM fields – for women and girls of all ages is essential to achieving gender equality and women's empowerment. And girls. In this context, the United Nations declared February 11 as International Day of Women and Girls in Science in 2015, with the aim of recognizing and defending the key role that women play in the scientific and technological community. Visual fields and encourage their full and equitable participation, as well as displaying women’s references in order to awaken calls in these fields, which have historically been dominated by men. Although the number of women entering STEM majors is increasing every year, their disappearance – in many cases, is unfairly overshadowed by men who have less or, in the best case, equal – talent and ability – and the more difficult it is – as As is the case in many other professional fields – progressing to more qualified or management positions prevents girls and young women from having female role models to look up to. No society can assume such an example of inequality that objectively impoverishes the world of science and innovation through the loss of pluralism of perspectives and creativity, thus weakening and hindering progress. It is an unsustainable deficit that must be addressed by governments, universities and companies by truly promoting careers among new generations of women by fostering a spirit of innovation and increasing the social visibility of female role models, for which it is necessary to promote equality. Opportunities in spaces that allow women full rights.

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