Earth’s interior cools faster than thought: study

Since the formation of the earth, 4.543 billion years ago, Due to which it is slowly cooling A natural process. However, a recent study found Earth’s internal heat Dissolves sooner than expected.

How does this process work?

Researchers of Zurich Federal Polytechnic School In Switzerland, guidance L Doctor Motohiko MurakamiAs well as experts from Carnegie Company, Based in Washington, DC, USA Letters from Earth and Planetary Science One study shows that heat is emitted from the center of the earth It cools down faster than I thought.

Scientists CreatedUnder laboratory conditions, A system that allows to measure thermal conductivity Of a mineral called “Friedmanida”Located on the border between The iron-nickel outer core of the Earth And coat underneath the molten liquid on top of it.

These measurements were made in Pressure and temperature conditions Prevail inside the earth. “It simply came to our notice then Allowed us to demonstrate The thermal conductivity of Bridgemanite is approx 1.5 times more It’s more than I thought it would be, “said Murakami ETH Report.

That suggests that Heat flux From the center to the mantle is bigger than previously thought. Increased heat flux, in turn, Increases mantle convection and accelerates cooling From the earth.

At what rate does the Earth’s interior cool?

Murakami notes that his results “can give us a new perspective Evolution of the Earth’s dynamics. They suggest that Earth is just like any other rocky planet Mercury Y Tuesday, Going cool and idle very fast More than expected. “

However, for now Can not be determined exactly How fast it cools When will its interior solidify Thus the result Geographical function.

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To do this, set Murakami, “First you have to Understand How it works Coat convection On a spatial basis and Temporary, Inter alia “.


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