Danny Alves reveals ‘madness’ that Messi is willing to do to return to Barcelona


Tony Alves Interviewed on Tuesday Radio Catalonia There he talked about his current situation, the team and, of course, Messi. The defender sent a message to Argentina so he could return Barcelona. In addition, he used the opportunity to praise his coach Xavi Hernandez.

Real Madrid reject Tony Alves for signing this footballer


” I already said once: this is Parsa version 3.0. He has the same philosophy, the same style as Cardiola. The whole situation may cost you a little more, but the best stories and the best books are also a process. It was brave to come this time and face Barசாa. “


“He’s the best player not only in the club, but in history, being here and he’s weird. But a lot of times it’s not going to happen as we dream. He’s just told me: ‘Where are you going to be better than being here?’ I’m telling you the same thing. “

Do you dream that Messi will come back?

“It would be nice if he ended his life here. Ending here would be a great gift for him and the club. If he does, I will act as a mediator for the commission.

Messi, the collaborator of El Sringuido, discovered that he had been stopped

Present tense of Barcelona

“It is very painful to see where Barsa was led. You need to find a solution. There will always be ups and downs for clubs. We need to ensure that crises are short-lived, lasting a year or two. Also, our challenge here is to convince everyone to play for the best club in the world that has changed the history of football.

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“People who are part of the club should take this in their head. A 17-year-old boy can be an event, but he’s not easy to carry the weight of the club. So be close to him. The idea is to convince them that they enjoy something unique and can not miss it. Let them know the history because it is unique.

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