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CD. CUENCAMÉ, DGO. – (OEM). – Let the little things in life fill our hearts with joy, let us smile and make magic, congratulate JULIA CUEVAS SÁNCHEZ on her birthday, may the creator bless and keep this day, and may his peace flood your heart.

May God bless your new dawn Victor Alfonso Bucardo Jarqua, and grant you health, well-being and everything you need in your life.

NORMIS ARTEA and FERNANDO GAMIZ remember with love that 34 years ago they joined their lives in front of the altar of the Diocese of San Antonio de Padua, may they always be happy.

Happy birthday ERASMO LOZANO, may life always give you the best and may it never cease to surprise you.

May the Lord take care of your life, dear Pip Estrada Jarqua, and may health, love and abundance reach you, congratulations on your suit.

Gray Catholic Father Jose Martin Cordero Roman congratulates you on your 28 years of priesthood, may God fill his life with joy in the priestly ministry entrusted to him.

Precious ESTRELLA BERENICE HERNANDEZ AGUILAR, Today is a new day that The Creator gives you, so forget about yesterday and have great fun.

May your birthday be filled with abundant things VICKY MESTA de CONTRERAS.

This 01 is Chemistry Day, we congratulate all those who practice this profession, especially LETY CISNEROS and SAÚL IVÁN LARA HERNÁNDEZ.

Thanks to the life that LIZBETH MARTÍNEZ gives you this new day, and we hope that everything goes well with the most important people in your life.

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May your day be filled with abundant congratulations Gerardo Galvin Castareda, and may the spirit of eternity accompany you.

Couples about to marry under God’s law who attended prenuptial talks, provided by the Pastoral Family, we wish you a wonderful wedding and a long married life.

May your birthday be happy and healthy, always by your side the people who live in your heart, beautiful Sandra Martinez.

Dear Predita Gallegos Níñez, May God bless your plans and projects in this new dawn and bring you abundance, health and happiness.

After 12 years of saying yes before the altar ARACELI MORENO CASTRO and GERARDO FERNANDEZ MELENDEZ, friends and family congratulate you on this space.

Well, Mr. Abelito Lozano, as he has a New Year’s Eve, beside his beautiful wife, family, and friends, may he have an abundance of health, well-being, and everything he needs in his life.

May everything beautiful find you today, may it surprise you with many beautiful things, may all doors of abundance open and may you have much to be thankful for, Perlita Mesta.

The beautiful couple ANA LETY CISNEROS MORALES and SAÚL IVÁN LARA HERNÁNDEZ celebrate another anniversary sharing their happy moments, congratulating them and wishing them to go hand in hand with the creator.

My beautiful ISMENITA GEORGINA MONTUFAR IRUNGARAY Your heavenly angels have given you a new Christmas to fill it with wonderful moments, I send you affectionate hugs.

May this new anniversary of life fill you with hope and joy Martha Elizabeth Miranda Gonzalez, because the Lord is always with you.

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Just 32 years old is a gift to loving couple Gloria Pulido and Joel Reda Luna, who are celebrating more than married beside their children in the grounds of Pinolera.

Bella EVA QUIÑONEZ FAVELA begins her birthday in the name of the Almighty, may everything multiply in the wonders of her life.

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful and blessed day, Maria de los Angeles Luna Contreras.


The family of LUPITA MORENO and RAYMUNDO CHAIREZ GONZÁLEZ thank God for giving them a happy year full of health and joy, congratulations.

May you have health, well-being and everything you need in your daily life LOREN ALEJANDRA RODRÍGUEZ Happy birthday.

Laura Torres Gonzalez God bless you and embrace you and never leave you, especially on your birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARÍA NIEVES HERNÁNDEZ GÓMEZ Remember that you are the most important person in your life and a special treasure to your creator.

The Church of San Antonio de Padua was the place where the great love story between Terry Galfon and Ricado Moreno began and continues today with the same strength as when they got married 48 years ago.

Happy birthday beautiful Mrs. Paula Aguilar, full of gifts, flowers and messages by all the media present.

These are the mornings that King David sang, for beautiful girls like you Elizabeth Figueroa, congratulations today on your birthday.

December 1st is World AIDS Day, observed every year, which is dedicated to publicizing the advances made against the HIV/AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.

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Mr. Jose Eligio Moreno Martínez, may God enlighten your birthday with beautiful and great blessings, as always accompanied by his wife and family.

Handsome young Saul Paulino Rivas Gonzalez, may your birthday be wonderful, happy and blessed by God.

To see how beautiful the sunrise is, which brings many blessings, we are at your service by phone 6711012916 and by e-mail [email protected] To send congratulations to your loved ones and pictures of your special occasions.

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