Android 14 makes apps take up less space

Android 14 was officially launched last week. The new version of Google’s operating system introduces a series of improvements. One of the most notable is that it improves the operation of applications on phones. Apps now take up less space on the device, and they open faster, too.

Android 14 helps apps consume less memory

This system changes the way applications are opened, allowing them to open faster, in addition to reducing the space they occupy on the phone.


Cached apps suffer from a series of limitations in Android 14. After a short period of time it becomes frozen, so it does not consume CPU. Thanks to these changes in the operating system, cached processes have reduced their consumption by 50%, compared to the previous version of Android. The limits on the maximum number of applications cached in the operating system have also been increased.

In addition, the number of cold starts has been reduced due to the change in cache introduced by Google. Apps open faster on phones using this new version this way. A version that will be released in the coming months in general among manufacturers around the world.

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This is one of the most notable improvements in Android 14. At least in terms of performance. It will allow a better user experience for users, as well as optimal use of their phones. When you get access to this update, it will be one of the aspects that will help you use the phone better.

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