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JUST THE SECRETARIAT Communications and Transportation called on the authorities of the air sector to present their progress on the redesign of the space in the Valley of Mexico, which included the interaction of the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) and the current Benito Juárez International Airport of CDMX (AICM ).

For many it was evident that there is no real mapping of the approach areas, but that everything is simulated on a computer. There is no record of physical verification of the obstructions in the terrain and the clearing of obstacles in the new designed tracks is not explicit, since what they did was take 04-22 that already existed before and replicate the same in the others. process, as if the environment were identical, which is obviously impossible. The last straw is that all the paths (current and future) of approach to the AICM invade the airspace of the AIFA.

Likewise, the authorities start from the idea that all the aircraft will remain at the “ideal” altitudes for each airport, which according to the technicians of the Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space (Seneam) guarantees a vertical separation. But this is outside of reality and the norms: it is evident that the planes will move at different altitudes, taking into account that both the AIFA and the AICM have the same elevation.

With this “photoshow” they involved the attendees of that meeting and labeled them as partners in the decisions that are being taken to cover their backs. The worst thing is that they did not even let them speak and the only question that they asked the NavBlue group of specialists and that they continue to charge in Seneam, could not be answered.

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What the representative of the French consulting firm, a subsidiary of the Airbus Group, said was that “that part of the work, precisely the one that has to do with simultaneous interaction, is not yet developed.”

The dependency that heads Jorge Arganis, and specifically the Undersecretary of Transportation that leads this project and is in charge of Carlos Moran, at this point has not resolved how the AIFA, the AICM and the Toluca airport are going to coexist, which is incredible because Andrés Manuel López Obrador He is determined to put his new airport into operation next March.

To carry this out, airlines need three months in advance the new airspace design and its approach, departure and navigation procedures, to inform, simulate and train their pilots. If the President wants to blow up AIFA, all that technical-operational scaffolding would have to be ready by December at the latest.

Except for VivaAerobús, the Roberto Alcantara, which is seen as the main troupe of the 4T in the AIFA, no other has good omens from Felipe Ángeles.

IN AREAS OF seize the Special Drawing Rights recently transferred to Mexico by the International Monetary Fund, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador it is going to issue paper to pay the nearly 12 thousand 500 million dollars to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico). Before, the central institute that governs Alejandro Diaz de Leon will have to go to the United States Federal Reserve, which presides Jerome powell, to exchange those rights to dollars. The Ministry of Finance, which captains Rogelio Ramírez de la OIt will most likely pay Banxico with M Bonds that will remain on its balance sheet. Under this scheme, it is to be assumed that the 12 thousand 500 million, which will be used to pay off Pemex’s debt, will not be obtained at once, but over a two-year horizon. They will not rise or apply to the oil company that he directs Octavio Romero immediately.

THE FEDERAL INSTITUTE of Specialists in Commercial Insolvencies (Ifecom) has just issued a favorable opinion in the commercial bankruptcy request that AlphaCredit presented weeks ago, this lender that manages Augusto Alvarez and Jose Luis Orozco. You will recall that the 12th District Judge in Civil Matters of the CdMX, Victor Manuel Bravo, dismissed the petition. The company then requested an opinion from the body it heads Edgar bonilla. This was given on Wednesday in favorable terms to AlphaCredit and without the obligation to present financial statements, as one of the parties of interest had stated to the bankruptcy judge. Fintech liabilities exceed $ 700 million.

TALKING ABOUT CONTESTS mercantile, what was said here days ago: Interjet does not come out. And now he looks much more distant after his president, Alejandro del Valle, was detained yesterday by elements of the CDMX Attorney General’s Office, commanded by Ernestina godoy. But curiously, the arrest warrant for the businessman had nothing to do with the airline they founded. Miguel Aleman Velasco and Miguel Aleman Magnani. The arrest was for a complaint about the purchase of Radiopolis. Del Valle was the endorsement of Carlos Cabal in a loan of 700 million pesos that Crédito Real extended to him for the purchase of the radio group, which was not honored in time or form.

THEN WITH THE news that the ICA Group has already withdrawn its unsolicited offer for the Nichupté Bridge. It is an 8.5 kilometer bypass that crosses the lagoon of the same name and seeks to vent the traffic generated in the densest part of Cancun’s Kukulkan Boulevard. The work will cost about 4,675 million pesos. Apparently the government of Quintana Roo, which captains Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, introduced some changes that made the project unfeasible for the construction company that directs Guadalupe Phillips. As if the above were not enough, Banobras ended up leaving the project. The bank that commands Jorge Mendoza it was going to finance two billion pesos.

AS WE TALKED from Rogelio Ramírez de la O, the Secretary of the Treasury already has practically tied the one who will be the substitute of Juan Pablo Graf in the presidency of the National Banking and Securities Commission. Discard to Patricia Armendariz, who was considered, but declined. The former independent counselor of Banorte and federal deputy for Morena will be a relevant piece in Congress, where she will push financial and public account initiatives of the Q4 government.

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