Lorenzo Mundes Sequis forgot Rivera with a young woman, he had already surpassed her! Photos

Although divorce between Sequise Riviera Placeholder Image And Lorenzo Mendes, Daughter “Diva de la Banda”, Jenny Rivera For a while he opened his heart to fall in love again, and it seems that the band singer is doing the same.

That was the account Instagram Chamonic3 He shared a series of captures where you can see how the former singer is The original Banda L. Lyman Comment on photos rumored to be his New emotional partner.

That’s one Young man By name Jennifer, Has something like this on social networks according to user comments Sequise Riviera Placeholder ImageBecause, in the pictures she has brown color and blonde blonde hair.

Musician from though 34 years The elders did not deny or accept their relationship, saying that he had been dating the woman for a few months and that everything had been given in the best possible way so he writes to her. “I love you” And its strength.

Sequis and their relationship

Translator of “White dove” The man who first offered her a new opportunity is currently in a relationship with a photographer Emilio Sanchez Through it he publishes some of his official accounts Moments of love.

Regarding the signature Divorce Delayed by certain conditions among celebrities Lorenzo Mendes, The artist does not want his image to appear in some kind of reality or production of the bride in some future Lupilo Rivera.

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