Torina's space was dedicated as a temple to the flamenco guitar

“The Torina space is the great temple of the flamenco guitar,” he says Director of the Flamenco Biennale in Seville, Luis Ybarra, During the presentation of the guitar course entitled “Unique Night”, which will be held in this space starting on the 14th of this month Next September, which will be held on weekends at seven in the evening.

nine parties, Of a total of fourteen guitars in the biennale's programming, they will take place in the Torina space, which will begin with a screening of the guitarist's second album manolo franco, Giraldillo is in touch and absent from the Biennale for some time. The artist will present his long-awaited second album entitled “El color de mi sonido”.

Both the Director of ICAS, Fernando Maness, As a representative of the provincial council, pedro chicharo, They highlighted the excellent cooperation between the two institutions in programming the biennale. “It is a very unifying thing, because we all want the Biennale to be a standard for flamenco today,” said Maness, who remembers the days of Cajasol Flamenco that began in this hall under the supervision of Manuel Herrera, who is also the director of the Biennale. Time of the Seville Biennale. “The Turina space is a place of music worship.”added Maness, who announced the next show for his annual seasonal programmes.

For his part, Pedro Chicharo also highlighted the cooperation between institutions in the Biennale, “Flamenco is one of our priorities in programming and publishing.”He noted that in the year following the Biennale, a selection of its programs are being performed in the province's theater network thanks to an agreement with the city council.

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Several generations

After Manolo Franco, the second concert will be entitled “Between Two Guitars” on September 15, which will bring together two guitarists, Rafael Rodriguez and Paco Garana Next to the singer Falcon II. A concert, according to its protagonists, brings together friends who have known each other for a long time and have chemistry. “We are different guitarists, said our neighbors, and each one will present his own way of understanding the guitar.” While Rafael Rodriguez and Paco Garana met while playing in Mario Maya Company, Segundo Falcon and Rafael Rodriguez met many years ago in Tablao. “There will be a dialogue with new and old voices, without forgetting doctrine, which is where the true vanguard is.” said the Visueño singer.

“Flamenco Guitar Scream” is the title given by the guitarist Pedro Sierra For their concert, which will be held on September 20. “I love this room because the audience here can hear you breathing,” Sierra said, adding that his concert will be just a guitar. “Without companions, I wanted to be like an actor doing a monologue. It will be based on ten elements, or ten suits.”, advertisement. He added that these sessions are essential to the Biennale, “they have to be there. When you travel abroad, a flamenco guitar concert is common, in Spain, less so.

Miguel Angel Cortes and José María Gallardo, Flamenco and classical guitar will take part in the concert on September 22nd entitled “Albiniz Flamenco”, an absolute premiere, where they will show another side of the flamenco guitar.

On September 27, another absolute premiere of the album's second album was held David from Arhal Titled “Art Alley”. It is the first time the Seville guitarist has performed solo at the Biennale. “I am grateful that the guitar had the opportunity,” he said, adding that “walking in Seville, I am a romantic, through the same places that Ricardo went through.” Or Pastora, which is something to admire. His album was inspired by the works of Romero de Torres or the writings of Lorca, “I wanted to transfer to the guitar what the paintings and those poems inspire me with.”

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Juan Carlos Romero On September 28, he gave the premiere of his album El que va mí y yo, a kind of public confession for the guitarist, “I'm not hiding anything here, I'm showing myself as I am in its entirety.”. Its staff includes a luxurious poster that includes, among other artists, Marina Heredia and Diego Carrasco“I always want to do with the best. The Biennale is the most admired festival in the world, and I think there are programs that make us forget that, and the best must always be here. He pointed out. By the way Romero plays one of the guitars designed by Manolo Sanlucar, Who has two instruments. “It was a short that Manolo choreographed with a guitarist. Because when a guitar maker makes a guitar, he only thinks about the piece of furniture, and when he makes it with the guitarist it becomes an instrument.

On September 29th will be Giraldello's appearance, Manuel Valencia, who will participate in the concert titled “The Three Shores,” where he wants to show different aspects of his performing style. “This album was born from the need to communicate what happens between the four walls, the ones that house the long hours of guitarist practice, trapped there and in which emotions also happen.” He announced that the words to be performed by David Carbone are also his own and that Antonio Molina “Corro” will accompany him in dancing in the show.

On October 4, the band “Encuentro” will close the guitar course in Turina. It's a show where, for the first time, two guitarists meet. Ricardo Moreno and Nino Gossel“A little programmed guitarist at the pinal,” Ybarra said. Ricardo Moreno recalls his first performance in Torina, “no microphone, bare guitar,” but adds that he performs much better in the company, “Because although I like to play alone, I am a musician who likes to share.”. At the party they will sing songs that they will be remembered for Nino Miguel and Paco de Lucia.

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And in the show the anecdote that Rafael Rodriguez shined when he commented on why guitarists earn less than singers, which was brought up at the end, “I don't know, and we work a lot, but of course, you don't.” “I don't dare ask them how much.” They charge a fee. The singer arrives, calls you and that's it. But something had to balance.

The final point was Ricardo Moreno's touch that accompanied all the guitarists, as they inevitably moved their feet to adjust the rhythm, as many are accustomed to doing during their concerts. The flamenco guitar, the most impressive guitar in the world, has its designated place in Torina at this Biennale.

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