10% of Freshmen High School Students Without a Guaranteed Space: SEE – El Sol de Tijuana

Gerardo Solís Benavides, head of the state’s secretariat of education (SEE), said that between 3,500 and 4,000 young people seeking secondary education in the state may not be able to secure a place in public schools.

Solís Benavides added that not only students who have just graduated from high school enter senior high school, but also those who have waited a year to re-enrol, and students in the course of commuting who arrive in state.

He commented, “From primary to secondary between 100 percent, those from secondary to secondary school enrollment at 110 percent, because more young people are coming, and we have a very strong demographic situation.”

According to data from SEE, it is expected that at the end of the current school year about 50,000 high school students will graduate in Baja California, and the high school space is 45,000 places.

The SEE chief noted that so far between 3,500 and 4,000 young people have been identified, who “go to other private schools” due to a lack of places in public institutions.

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Solis Benavides explained that to meet the demand, the Secretariat is currently working together with various systems and sub-systems of higher secondary education, such as DGETI, Conalep, Cobach and Cecyte, among others, to manage the necessary resources.

He pointed out that government schools are currently presenting a summary of their installed capacity to receive new students.

“If they have classrooms to cover those 4,000 students, what I need is the teachers’ resources to pay their salaries, and then support the mayor and administrative staff,” Solis Benavides said.

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The selection and registration process for high schools in the state is currently underway, and on April 28, students will be informed of which campus they are set to take the entrance exam, which will be held from May 11 to 31.

Selection results will be published between June 26 and July 28, depending on what campus indicates.

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