Could this be Adamari Lopez’s replacement in “Today”?

Puerto Rican host Adamari Lopez has left Telemundo after 11 years at the Hispanic network.

It was last Maundy Thursday that the channel informed Labaricua that she would no longer participate in the show “Hoi Tia” and on Maundy Friday the actress also said goodbye to the public who have seen her on screen for a decade.

Three days after Adamari’s departure, rumors are swirling about who will replace him on the morning show.

According to the “Gossip No Like” project, negotiations with a new member of the project are already on the table.

“I should say a man instead of Adamari,” the host began.

“He is currently negotiating, but he may refuse, because he is crazy … Juan Rivera replaces Adamari Lopez. The question is big, he is negotiating. He tweeted that he did not want to tweet about the ‘house of celebrities’,” Ceriani continued.

Juan Rivera is a Mexican singer, brother of the late singer Jenni Rivera.

The artist was a member of “La Casa de los Famosos 3” but withdrew from the competition for personal reasons.

Juan Rivera: Singer. Brother of Jenny Rivera and Lubillo Rivera. (instagram)

As for Atamari, “Sisme No Like” revealed the salary she allegedly received for her work at Telemundo, and this could have been one of the reasons she left.

“How much money did Adamari Lopez make, I’m telling you from a good source, because I’m not going to say, but a cockroach saw that deal on Telemundo. Adamari Lopez got a base salary, understand the figures I’m telling you divided by twelve a year, he’s $640,000 dollars a year and retroactively, Bonuses, last year and other promotions, it was close to $840,000 dollars. , but honestly counting all the signatures that Adamari Lopez had and marketed, I estimate a million dollars,” noted host Javier Ceriani.

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There was also talk of the cheerleader saying goodbye to her audience from the “Hoi Tia” performance last Good Friday.

“I knew it wasn’t true when she started talking, you could tell in her eyes that she was holding back tears. It’s sad to lose work, but I think artists are overrated”, he added, “He didn’t need to say goodbye like that”, “You can see how he suppressed the urge to cry in his farewell”.

“There is no denying that she is an actress and she held back tears,” added Seriani.

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