Together x Utrera denounces the poor state of the Los Silos socio-cultural space and proposes its rehabilitation to the plenary session: UTRERAWeb. Utrera News

The political formation Juntos x Utrera has denounced the poor state of the socio-cultural space Los Silos and announced the presentation to the next municipal plenary session that is held this Thursday a motion for its rehabilitation.

June 21.

Since Together x Utrera It is reported that just by walking around the facilities, anyone can check the state of absolute abandonment in which the e is locatedsocio-cultural space of Los Silos, which is why Juntos x Utrera address this matter in plenary session and request the rehabilitating the facilities and putting them into service in their entirety.

Inaugurated in 2009 by the Andalusian Government, according to the formation that presides over Francisco Jimnez, this project became a benchmark in the province and practically throughout Andalusia. It houses inside five rehearsal rooms, which were fully equipped each one with drums, set of microphones and amplifiers for guitar and bass to be used by music groups and soloists during their rehearsals. In addition, the complex had air conditioning, a recreation area, parking and Wi-Fi. This initiative was promoted in its day by the delegations of Culture and Youth of the City Council of Utrera,

and managed by the Banana Snico association.

Since its inauguration, the Los Silos space has become a meeting point for young people, since concerts and other types of activities related to music were organized, especially on weekends. From Tuesday to Saturday, it was possible to reserve the premises at really reasonable prices. The average annual use of these venues was close to 50 different rock, pop, flamenco groups and orchestras, venues and foreigners, who used the halls throughout different days.

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In 2017, the then Andalusian Party denounced the poor state of the facilities due to the lack of cleanliness, especially in the recreation areas, the deterioration of the external security cameras that were destroyed, damp walls, broken doors, raised floors, fire extinguishers. expired, dead fire alarm battery and a long list of damage.

According to Juntos x Utrera, far from solving this situation, at present only two stores work,

because the other three have problems that no one has bothered to solve for a long time. Vandalism has rampant throughout the lack of safety equipment and rats are a pest according to the users themselves.

From Juntos x Utrera it is not understood how the situation of some municipal facilities is not resolved, which could once again have the same level of occupation and use that they had in their day and which, in addition, served as a meeting point and space to organize events for young people and musical groups.

That is the spirit of the motion that Juntos x Utrera will defend in the Ordinary plenary session next Thursday, June 24, in which the PSOE Government will be requested to rrehabilitation of rehearsal rooms and other facilities of the socio-cultural space Los Silos and to put the site back into service in its entirety for the purpose it was conceived. According to this political formation that leads the opposition to the socialist Municipal Government of Utrera, it has been announced.

Source: UTRERAWeb

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