IU accuses Mañueco of “challenging science, the medical community and nutritionists” with a campaign in favor of meat consumption

Alfonso Fernández Mañueco during his speech at the PP Provincial Congress in Palencia. / bragimus

The president of the board made the statements in the Provincial Congress of the PP in Palencia


IU Castilla y León has demanded this Sunday «
rigor and responsibility»In the debate on the consumption of meat, opened last Wednesday by the Minister of Consumption,
Alberto Gazon, and accused the Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, of «
defy science, to the medical community and nutritionists ”with the announcement made in the Provincial Congress of the PP in Palencia of a campaign in favor of consumption from September.

In the opinion of the organization, the minister’s words have been answered “harshly and with a notable lack of rigor” by the agri-food employers, “which logically defend their income statement”, but also, he added,
by opposition parties and “More surprisingly by institutions such as the Junta de Castilla y León, which daily recommend to the population in the same sense as Garzón’s ministry.”

United Left regretted the territorial response and of some ministers of the PSOE that, “being the majority
central government, has rejected a proposal that it contemplates in its Government pact and in several previously approved strategies.

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