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Carlos del BarcoSevilla (Spain), Nov 10 (EFE) .- Thin, slim, long, tall, muscular, bony, with neck, thin skin, washed face, with meaning and legend, the Miura bulls have lent their characters , its myth and its brand from liquors to super sports cars and now they make it to the first Spanish rocket for aerospace transport, Zahariche and the A with handles in space.

The bulls of the green and red currency, or black when they are fought in Madrid, thus give their name to some small reusable satellites that will arrive in space in the second half of 2022, the Miura 1, and in 2024, the Miura 5, in a real space transport mission, according to the PLD Space company about this project that will be presented next Friday.

If there is a livestock that has transcended outside the world of bullfighting, that is the one that the brothers Eduardo and Antonio Miura run today, the one that grazes between La Campana and Lora del Río and that is synonymous with spectacle and reverential respect since it was founded in 1842. Juan Miura, who had a hat factory and created a fear factory.

Gone are the old times in which bullfighting was the main mass spectacle in Spain and in which the anise makers resorted to idols to baptize on all their spirits, to the point that Rafael González ‘Machaquito’ from Cordoba crossed over his name to the product and he coined the ‘machaco’ for the remains.

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Gallito, Manolete, Chicuelo, Bombita, Zurito, the Mexican Carlos Arruza, Miguelín, Pepe Luis Vázquez, Parejito and their banana liqueur lent their names to those multifunctional anise bottles that also served as an accompaniment to various Christmas carols and folklores and in which also entered the legend of Miura.

That Miura has crossed the ring in its more than 175 years of history proves that it is, perhaps, the only entry of a cattle ranch in the RAE dictionary as a currency ‘famous for the bravery and intention attributed to its cattle’ and, for extension, ‘wicked person, of bad intentions’.

For publicity purposes, the game given by the miuras in the arenas has weighed for the same purposes with the significance of their black legend, with great dead bullfighters among their antlers such as Manuel García ‘Espartero’ and Manuel Rodríguez ‘Manolete’, fundamentally.

Before arriving in space with the project ‘Miura 1’ -small-size satellites for telecommunications, defense and scientific research-, Miura also consolidated its brand as a synonym for a brandy and a pioneering liquor such as Andalusian pacharán, from Cazalla de la Sierra, in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla.

In the years in which the dawns of the Spain of developmentalism were of ‘machaco’ and of advertisements such as ‘it’s men’s things’, Miura transcended again and, through the friendship of the patriarch Don Eduardo, as he was called , with Ferruccio Lamborghini, he baptized a pioneering model of the mythical Italian brand.

The Turin Motor Show in 1965 was the scene of the presentation of this sports car designed by Marcello Gandini with which Ferruccio Lamborghini responded to Enzo Ferrari, who one day told him that a tractor manufacturer like him could not enter the arcana of a sports car, a perfect metaphor for what the bulls of the A with handles keep.

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