Doctor Herráiz Medical Center, a multidisciplinary healthcare space

Doctor Herráiz Medical Center is a multidisciplinary healthcare space that offers a service integral Health through a broad portfolio of medical and surgical specialties.

For this it has highly qualified qualified professionalswith a close and pleasant treatment, who provide high-level attention, and as human as possible.


The center has a extensive facilitieswith the best health and technological advances to offer medical assistance of the best quality. Likewise, Dr. Herráiz also has consultation in the capital of La Plana, at the Hospital Vithas Castellónfrom where, as in the Benicarló medical centerprovides the services of obstetrics (pregnancy monitoring, high-resolution morphological ultrasound –week 20–, 3D/4D ultrasound, amniocentesis, and delivery and postpartum care), gynecology (gynecological examination, breast pathology, urinary incontinence surgery, gynecological oncological surgery, infertility study and trusted gynecologist of the IVI group), psychology, clinical analysisrealization of analytics to any insurance company and private patients, Nursing, tension control, weight control, cures and administration of injectable medication.


Likewise, since this month of January, the Doctor Herráiz Medical Center also offers sessions of pilates for pregnant women and other patients who need it (including men). The center places special emphasis on the treatment of pelvic floor problemsincontinence, dyspareunias or pain in relationships, prolapses, etc.

Dr. José Luis Herráiz is a prestigious specialist. MANOLO NEBOT ROCHERA

Dr. José Luis Herráiz has been a pioneer in the application of techniques of surgery of urinary incontinence and minimally invasive gynecological surgery, which reduce recovery time, pain and hospital stay times. Likewise, Herráiz has been Associate Professor of the UJI Medicine Degree and professor of the Master of Endoscopic and Pelvic Surgery, organized by the European Gynecology Endoscopy School of the UJI.

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