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El Reality “”, Which attracted millions of fans in various countries, left the winner Eventually came out with a juicy prize money that she could have used for anything she wanted.

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Several months later, with nothing known about the award Venezuela won, thousands of viewers of that reality show were curious as to what he could have done with so much money.

Also, as we remember, she promised everything she was given that she was going to do. Did he value his word or did he decide to do something else?

Alicia Machado was the winner of Telemundo’s “The House of Famous”. (Photo: Getty Images)

What did Alicia Machado buy with the gift?

In an interview with Rodner Fikiurova for the show “Al Rojo Vivo”, Alicia Machado spoke a little about her experience on the reality show and what she did with the money she earned there.

She kept what she said, and, as she said, bought a house for her mother. Also, the interview was being recorded on the new property.

However, he did not buy everything, because with the leftovers, he said he bought a few shoes.

“I feel blessed, she’s so happy. But my mom is a big girl, she’s a magical girl, my mom is something wonderful, otherwise I would not be who she is. She has not seen her house yet, but she will be coming soon.Under control.

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Results of “The House of Famous”

  • Alicia Machado: 40,586,129 votes.
  • Manelyk González: 8,774,081 votes.
  • Kelvin Renteria: 8,419,382 votes.
  • Christina Eustace: 3 881344 votes.
  • Pablo Montero: 969,737 votes.

How much money did Alicia Machado make through “The House of Famous”?

Machado was able to rise to victory after receiving more than 40 million votes from the audience, leaving the second-place Mexican influential Manelik.

Leaving the facilities of the “House of Celebrities”, Venezuela arrived at the Telemundo set, where host Hector Chandarthy, his family and exiled reality show participants were waiting for him, thus celebrating the cash prize.

After being crowned the winner of “The House of Celebrities”, Alicia Machado took home $ 200,000 to fulfill her mother’s dream of buying a home for herself.

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