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How is your workspace? There are many users who have decided to choose to expand their work desks, we are increasingly multitasking, we have many open fronts and a good screen is always a great ally to work better, improve productivity.

Now, if we spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it is imperative that we have good posture hygiene and this is where we LG Ergo . Screensoffers hundreds of different settings for 100% adaptation to the user And always get maximum rest during intense work days.

Comfortable arm in LG Ergo screens

LG Monitor With Ergo Arm

The key to this family of screens Subsequently From LG in your Comfortable arm, the only one that allows the screen to be positioned in up to 395 different points of view thanks to its ability to move. The height of these Ergo monitors can be adjusted, but also swivel, swivel and tilt.

these 395 different points of view It is obtained by adding all possible positions of 280° rotation, 25° tilt, and 90° rotation. They are the only monitors with a universal flexible stand that allow for complete movement and adjustment.

Screens for all uses

LG Monitor With Ergo Arm

LG Monitor With Ergo Arm

For years, LG has been a reference when it comes to screen selection, as they have models in their catalog for all kinds of audiences, from those who want ultra-wide screens with plenty of workspace, to real gamers looking for the best features to enjoy every game with maximum performance, And of course for users and professionals who want the best definition and reproduction of vivid colors and photo-realistic images with the support of key technologies.

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watchers The LG UltraWide Ergo has an aspect ratio of 21:9, that is, panoramic. Perfect for a single monitor, but with a huge work desk to boost productivity as if we had up to 4 monitors, with a 32% larger field of view. And again, we add to all this the flexibility of the Ergo lever adjustment.

LG Monitor With Ergo Arm

LG Monitor With Ergo Arm

For gamers and users who desire a high refresh rate, there is the LG UltraGear Ergo. These gaming monitors integrate a Nano IPS panel with Maximum 1ms response time s Refresh rate 144Hz For an ultra-smooth experience, as well as incorporating Nvidia’s G-Sync support, AMD FreeSync Premium and of course the latest technologies to get the most out of gaming, such as Dynamic Action Sync, Black Stabilizer, and Crosshair.

And third, for photo professionals, or just those who want a high-quality 4K screen, there’s LG UltraFine ErgoIt is also included with this type of ergonomic adjusting arm.

LG Monitor With Ergo Arm

LG Monitor With Ergo Arm

In this case, the tuning capabilities and compatibility with HDR10 (High Dynamic Range) and support for 99% sRGB spectrum, the ability to produce great contrast and very vivid colors, are combined. It also supports 95% DCI-P3 color space and AMD FreeSync technology.

With this family of LG Ergo monitors, any user can customize their workspace, Get the right posture Thanks to a high degree of adjustability of the arm, and all this without having to do without high-quality panels and the latest generation. You can find all details, models and file sizes LG Ergo monitors on its official websiteplus learn more about LG’s commitment to the environment thanks to the Smart Green Challenge.

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