Chivas vs Xolos lineup confirmed on Liga MX’s Clausura 2022 on May 15

Sivas de Guadalajara is looking forward to his fifth win of the tournament this Tuesday, as he hosts Tijuana in the 15th day of Liga MX’s Clausura 2022. Flock Passion offers its confirmed sequence.

Catena will look for as much as possible a line like the one he won at Azteca
© IMAGO7Catena will look for as much as possible a line like the one he won at Azteca

After 14 games in the campaign, Sivas have already prepared their line-up and with that they will face the battle of the Clausura 2022 competition.They will honor Xolos de Tijuana at the Akron Stadium, where it will be another Important responsibilities, already on the bench with Ricardo Cadena, will try to find out who Accumulate the fifth winner of the competition to win and catapult them into the general table.

The new coach of the Holy Herd will try to maintain his strategy in his opening 11 To try to get a good result against the frontiersovs, After a crucial victory over Cruz Azul last Saturday, they rose to 11th place as a result, with plenty of chances to enter the rematch. So far they have confirmed the absence of Jesus Molina and Jose Juan Macias due to injury, while Alexis Vega has been suspended.

It should be remembered that Sivas is in a difficult situation in stages Ranked 11th and did not reach a place in the Repechage with 17 pointsSo if they do not win against Xolos their aspirations will be significantly reduced because they have to win the next two fights they have left to go for reclassification.

The lineup of Shivas vs. Tijuana was confirmed on May 15th

The red and white bench will be created: Raul Gudino; Antonio Briseño, Luis Olivas, Miguel Angel Ponce, Jesús Sinchez; Bouquet by Eduardo Torres, Pavel Perez, Sebastian Perez; Pavlo Irisar and Caesar Hurta.

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