Crucial test for NASA’s mega-rocket that would take Americans to the moon again LIVE VIDEO – Essential

The four main engines of NASA’s new megaracket would launch simultaneously for the first time, to demonstrate their extraordinary launching power. The Space Launch System (SLS) is part of the Artemis program that aims to resend Americans one month for the next several years. One woman will also participate in the next mission per month.

The engine fire test is the last crucial test in a series of tests known as the Green Run. It will help NASA to verify and certify the proper functioning of the rocket for the flight scheduled for the end of the year.

When the flight is complete, the SLS will become the most powerful rocket ever to fly in space.

The mission called Artemis-1, which is carried out without a crew on board, will also launch the next generation of spacecraft, Orion, around the month.

Saturday’s test takes place on the ground and will last about eight minutes, between 22: 00-00: 00 GMT, with the intention of simulating the ascent of the rocket into orbit, he writes. BBC news. The event will take place at NASA’s Goful Space Station in St Louis, Mississippi.

In this test of the engines, only those that run on liquid fuel will start, without those that run on solid fuel.

At a height of 98 meters, the SLS is slightly smaller than the Saturn V rocket (110 meters) that was used for the Apollo missions, which took American astronauts to the moon in the 1960s and 70s.

However, the new rocket is substantially stronger and generates 15% more pulling force during launches and ascent into outer space. The SLS rocket will have the capacity to carry a payload of more than 27 tons to the Moon.

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The SLS Rocket Liquid Fuel Engines Test Will Be Broadcast LIVE HERE:

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