Windows 10X has been released on the Internet. Take a look at what innovative features it combines and what limitations it comes with

Presented by Microsoft in 2019, it marks the evolution of Windows in terms of the use of dual screen devices. About Windows 10X, A system developed specifically to make the best use of space and the benefits offered by two screens. But last year, the company changed its strategy and announced it would work on single-screen devices such as laptops.

Although the operating system has not yet been launched, it is possible to use an almost final working version of the operating system that allows installation and testing.

Windows 10X has a revamped interface, starting with the taskbar, which is a very unique feature. This shows that the icons have been moved to the center, and the Start menu has now been redesigned. It also offers a new shortcut notification center. The operating system has a very simplified file manager and introduces all applications in full screen.

In addition to all the benefits found during the test, it was found that this version does not yet support older Windows applications, which means you have limited use of Microsoft Store applications and web applications.

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