Apple event: iPhone 15 launch date and time

08/29/2023 Apple Logo Apple Research and Technology Policy

The tech giant has announced that the much-awaited event will take place on Tuesday, September 12, where it will officially unveil its latest iPhone model.

The launch will be at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, where the Tim Cook-led company will have a lot of news to announce, starting with the premiere of the Apple Watch Series 9 and the expected second-generation Apple Watch.

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In addition to technological innovations, expectations suggest that there will be many surprises in terms of the aesthetics of the devices.

As usual, every time a new iPhone is launched, potential features that the device might have are making rounds on the internet.

In social networks, lovers Manjana Revealed the next person’s pictures USB-C port It will be the first time in history that an iPhone, previously, used a Lightning connector developed by Steve Jobs’ company.

X users, Twitter’s new name @lipilipsi and @John011235, have leaked what the pieces and flexible components that will be used in the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will look like. .

A filtered photo of the iPhone 15’s USB-C connector

On the other hand, rumors say that Action button This will allow users to unlock specific features on the device or navigate through the interface. While the extent of its capabilities is still unknown, the leak has shed light on some of the features this revolutionary button has to offer.

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This is the list of functions that allow the action button to execute, which comes to the iPPhone 15 Pro:

– Access to: Enable features like VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and other accessibility options.

– Shortcuts: It’s possible to press a button to activate a user-created or downloaded shortcut in the Apple Shortcuts app.

– Enable concentration mode: Do not disturb mode of iPhone 15 Pro or any other previously created by the user.

– Activate the flashlight: This will replace the shortcut that Apple includes on the lock screen.

– Quickly access the iPhone 15 Pro camera: You need to press the button to open the app. It is not known if it also functions as a shutter.

– Quiet mode: To turn system volume on or off, similar to the mute key on current iPhones, which will be removed on the iPhone 15 Pro.

– translator: Quick access to Apple Translator.

– Magnifying Glass: Enable Magnifying Glass while navigating the user interface.

– Voice Notes: Start or stop voice memo from the app.

Apple releases its new phones every year in September. (unsplash)

There are also speculations about new colors. According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 15 Pro Welcoming two new shades, while bidding farewell to two familiar ones. Changes to Apple’s color palette aren’t new, so the company decided to ditch gold and purple in favor of gray and blue.

The revealed colors are as follows:

iPhone 15 (Standard):

– Black

– Yellow

– Red

– Purple

– Purple

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iPhone 15 Pro

– Space is black

– Space is black

– Gray.

– Blue

The next Apple cell phones also included colored cables. (9to5Mac)

In the same vein, the USB-C cables of the new chargers are also said to come in colors.

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