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One of the most powerful telescopes on Earth was able to capture a stunning cosmic image that left many wondering about the immensity of space and the power it holds. Here we tell you more about this latest scientific achievement.

Over many years, humans have been in continuous development in various aspects of life, especially in the scientific and technological fields. These achievements have brought us discoveries that we had previously only seen in our imagination.

The most amazing discoveries made by science usually focus on what lies beyond our planet. Of course, we are talking about the Space Race, the field of science and technology that taught us to put our planet in its place and gradually discover the secrets of the universe.

There is no doubt that astronomy and technology get along so well that they have so far achieved an impressive list of successes that have revealed important data for studying the behavior and origin of everything.

Of all the discoveries that have been made over the years, some stand out more than others. This is the case of the well-known hand-shaped cosmic object, CG-4, is the name given to this amazing event, although it is also known by the evocative name of the Hand of God.

The name by which this nebula is known is not out of place, as it is an event with an approximate size of 150 light-years, according to information from Planetarium of the University of Santiago de ChileThis huge stellar event is located in the Puppis constellation, about 17 thousand light-years from our planet.

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Image credit: NOIRLab

Recently, this cosmic event has become the talk of the scientific community again since its discovery, as an unparalleled photo was captured by… Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile In the dark energy room he maintains NOIRLabIt is an astronomical research center funded by the United States authorities.

In fact, it was an impressive image taken using special filters that managed to capture the faint glow of nebulae and other similar events, which are generally surrounded by stardust, masking their faint glow and making them difficult to observe.

However, thanks to current technology, the image of the Hand of God emerging from the Gum Nebula is quickly becoming an astronomical reality like no other, providing us with a unique postcard like never before.

It is as if the “hand of God” emerged from a nebula and appears to be pointing towards another galaxy that is about to expire called “ESO 257-19”.

Let us also remember that these nebulae in general arise from the explosions of stars that ended their life cycle and ejected all the materials and gases they contain into deep space, according to information received from the Space Center. The National Center for Aeronautics and Space Administrationor NASA, for its abbreviation in English.

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