Seven trials in Chicago: an abusive octopus

The next day we released an analysis of the Variety cast, with the result that Netflix could benefit from several Oscar nominations for Best Picture in the next edition of the concert. The Chicago audition for “Suspects in Service” 7/7 in Chicago, which was released on Netflix a month ago. With this timeline we are bringing it back to the forefront.

Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, the film explores a month-long investigation that began in September 1969. Eight Vietnamese war activists opposed a major event in Chicago, the Democratic Conference. Politics that caught the attention of the American press. During the peaceful protests, clashes between protesters and police became increasingly bloody, and opposition leaders were accused of carrying out violent attacks on a number of charges, including conspiracy against the state.

We say the film to be seen in Chicago is The Trial of the Seven, because this play shows very well what happens when politicians, judges and police officers see who they are working for. Recent photos from Chicago and Romania, especially from August 10, 2018. When looking at some archival images used to provide credibility for reviewing Aaron Sorkin’s events, the Romanian viewer can see a great similarity between the two situations.

From a comfortable distance of five decades, in the wake of the peaceful struggle against the Vietnam War, we may wonder how the US government can put so many sticks. But when the war was seen as an example of American influence in the world, the United States poured billions of dollars and millions of soldiers into a massive propaganda machine built around it, designed to celebrate the heroism of dubious sacrifices at the forefront, making it clear why this protest was so difficult for the authorities. But what happened next is more than an ideological struggle: the state turns against the citizen and is violated after the abuse.

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Despite the flaws in the film and the accusations that it allowed great artistic freedom in embracing the events that actually took place, Sorkin was able to create an environment not only with this era, but also for the present. Dry and effective, the test of seven people in Chicago became an X-ray of abuse, and the X-rays clarify everything as we learn more about the effects of war and its catastrophic consequences. Not only does Tom Hayden (Eddie Redman) and Abby Hoffman (Sacha Baron Cohen) play Leo’s role in the adaptation, but their spirit and rationality have become the chorus of dreamers of peace and common sense, and Sorkin’s script does not do justice to all defendants.

This process is not only about freedom of expression and civilization, but also about the amazing influence of the Front. When leaders lose touch with the will of the people (in this case, 2.7 million Americans were abducted from their homes and nearly a million Vietnamese were sent to fight in a war that claimed their lives), the people were forced to take a goal – to get the leaders of the authorities out of their bubble and fill them with reality

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