Estonian resignation and tensions after two ministers described Joe Biden as “corrupt”

Estonian Interior Minister Mart Helm announced his resignation on Monday, saying he and his son Martin Helm, who will be finance minister, were a “corrupt” politician the day before Joe Biden became US president. Following the “fraudulent” elections, State President Kersey Caljulite classified statements classified as “attacks on democracy and security in Estonia”, citing the DPA and EFE agencies. AcerPress.

Speaking on a radio program on Sunday, Mart Helm, a member of the far-right Estonian People’s Conservative Party (EKRE), said that Joe Biden had won the US presidential election with the help of secret services and had classified him and his son. , Hunter Biden, a “corrupt character.” He reiterated President Donald Trump’s allegations about the election and business revelations involving Hunter Biden in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian prosecutor’s investigation was suspended following what Joe Biden said when he was vice president. To the United States.

For his part, Martin Helm, the son of Mart Helm, the finance minister and leader of the EKRE party, said on the same show that “fraud” makes no sense in talking about democracy or the rule of law in the United States.

Following these statements, Estonian President Kersti Kalzulite described the two statements as “an attack on democracy and security in Estonia,” a member of the Baltic state, the European Union and NATO, which borders Russia. “The words of a politician carry weight. Today two ministers of the Republic of Estonia decided to attack the weight of their words on our key ally,” the Estonian head of state added.

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Minister: I am not saying anything that has not already been said by the American press and the American Independent press

Estonian Conservative Prime Minister Jury Radhas described the comments on the radio show as “absurd and inappropriate”.

Following tensions within the ruling coalition following those reports, Minister Mart Helm announced on Monday that he was leaving the administration to defend the ruling coalition, but reiterated that in his opinion he had done nothing to harm his country, the US “Free Press” had already said.

“After the lies and slanders of the Estonian press, I decided to resign last night. I was content. I did not say anything yesterday that would endanger the security of Estonia.

“They can not silence me, no one can silence me. The prime minister, the president or the press can not silence me,” he added. Can not.

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