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Contigo Somos Democracia (CSD) has stated this Monday that the City “would have to have an infrastructure for hunting tourism” that would deal with “logistics and permits” to turn Ceuta into a destination for hunting tourism “within a framework of sustainability “to kill” certain species “that has not specified” that in the case of exceeding a certain number they would attack others. ” “We would achieve a top quality, demanding accommodation and services that could be offered being a very interesting source of income for the economy of Ceuta,” he said.

The training has argued that “hunting is widespread around our entire globe and many people practice it.”

“The world tourism organization contemplates hunting within sports and places a lot of emphasis on environmental sustainability, since like another kind of tourism, people are in direct contact with nature, for this reason it is necessary in our city to create the figure of the hunting tourist, one who travels to hunt, either in the city or autonomous community in which he resides, so we have to take advantage of the Hunters Association, which has three hundred people, “he pointed out,” and make them see how attractive it is to be able to develop this sport in our town by investing in improving the environment and thus avoiding having to travel to other places to develop this activity “.

According to CSD, rural guards would be “those in charge of working side by side with the Civil Guard, which is the ideal figure to act if there is any breach or negligence on the part of a hunter in any regulation, he would be the one who would make available to SEPRONA to the offending person “.

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