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One of the best secrets of Mexican comedian Eduardo Espana has been revealed many years later. In an interview with El Escorbian Dorado, the actor, known as Lalo Espana, finally revealed the reasons that led him to drop out of the successful Atal Ramones show “Otro Rollo” in 2005 and go to work. In “Neighbors”, in the successful series he plays the beloved guardian of the building “German”.

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They are not fights, say or say, because of the search for professional development and development in other projects. I left before the end of “Otro Rollo” … I wanted to grow up, they gave me a great character that I wanted to do, ‘Nesinos’ from ‘German’, I swear you have now that it gave me great satisfaction with children, the elderly, many families ““, Revealed Spain.

Another rollA successful project directed by Atal Ramones and with the contribution of personalities such as Jordi Rosado, Roxana Castellanos, Cape Platas and Consulo Duval. The show also featured comedians doing interviews, sketches, capsules, monologues, games and more on challenges. It was in the air from 1995 to 2007.

Mixed feelings

The actor explained that Atal Ramones decided to drop the project because he did not have time to act in Nesinos. “‘Vesinos’ came, suddenly ‘Otro Rollo’ was on a record and ‘Nesinos’ was the best opportunity Eugenio Derpes and Elias Solorio gave me for me ”, He revealed.

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However, it was not easy and initially there were mixed feelings for Atal Ramones leaving the show because there was always a great friendship between them.

Who is Lalo Spain?

Lalo Spain, A native of Guadalajara, joins hands with Eugenio Derpes in the Mexican acting world.To the right and to the terrace”.

I am very grateful, one of them is Adol, the other is Eugenio Derbus. The first person to open a door for me was Eugenio DerbusSaid Spain.

After working at Televisa for over 20 years, he is one of the most recognized actors in the Spanish company. Participated in various novels outside of comedy, i.e. “Angel face“Y”The color of feeling“, And in the Mexican Series”Knights of the North“Y”Simulators”, In addition to the large number of plays.

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