Controversy over pictures of Daniel Ortega celebrating religious tradition

A series Images Released December 8, 2021 Nicaragua, In which the President Daniel Ortega Celebrating Tradition ‘Noise‘, Caused controversy because of the specific method of doing it and the president’s dress, as used by the late Cuban leader. Fidel Castro.

According to official media and sources close to the Nicaraguan government, Ortega and his family celebrated the traditional ‘Criteria’ on the night of December 7. Immaculate feedbackHowever, only in films President And his FamilyIn contrast to the crowd that characterizes this 164 year tradition.

According to Catholic tradition, Nicaraguans celebrate ‘Criteria’ with one another, regardless of social status or political color, regardless of religious beliefs.

When some people go out Streets A To sing Before any picture of Concepcin di Maria, they see on their way, the owners of the copy distribute sweets and food, and as the night progresses the characters are exchanged, which translates to “rivers” celebrating on the tracks.

Criticism and protection

The Reactions The Nicaraguans immediately jumped on social media. At the same time Opponents De Ortega criticized the scene, followers Sandinistas They applauded.

“The beauty of La Puerto Rico’s and La Criteria’s heritage is that in many Nicaraguan homes, + even in humble homes, it shares the little it has, notably that Ortega ‘Famiglia’ has privatized that tradition, identifying itself as” El Pao “where everything is within themselves. Ortega’s commenter commented on Twitter.

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“Because the Ortecas are a family of ‘proletarian and socialist’ origins, they do not share La Purasima with the families of their employees, they must be many,” he added.

The Followers From OrtegaFacebook and Twitter have been excluded from the thousands removed Fake Santinista accounts Last November, they returned and released photos with the official message: “Commander Daniel Ortega and fellow Vice President Rosario Murillo celebrated the traditional ‘Criteria’ with their families in honor of Maria’s Immaculate Conception.”

Castro style

Others compared Style With Ortega and his dead Cuban ally, Fidel Castro, Was seen with adidas brand jackets in his last years.

“They already wore him an Adidas sweatshirt as pajamas: 29 days after Ortega was re-elected, the family is screaming,” said Sofia Montenegro, a senior journalist and feminist. Clothing President of the Santinista, and at Elections Last November, it extended its mandate, which began in 2007, to five years.

Unofficial media outlets such as Confidential also reported on Ortega’s clothing and his Origin Almost a month after he celebrated Re-election, When he called the so-called “political prisoners” the “sons of the bitches of imperialism”, including seven. Opponents Who has expressed a desire to run in the recent presidential election.

Ortega faced a section of the Nicaraguan population Mass demonstrations In 2018, it was reduced by armed attacks that killed at least 355 people, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), in addition to a significant socio-political crisis.

The Crisis From Nicaragua Worse in 2020 with management International spread This was exacerbated by elections rejected by Ortega, and by the Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union and the United States.

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