The trick to downloading your friends’ levels

Today we will introduce you to a trick Processor From Share You will learn how to download their levels without your friends knowing, which will undoubtedly be very helpful.

If you want to download a Condition WhatsApp is high quality and without the need to take a screenshot Trick Perfect.

The truth is, WhatsApp has become a processor that everyone can use to chat and make video calls, however, there are photos and videos that we want to keep, especially if our friends share their status or status.

That’s why today we will show you all the steps to download without installing programs or APKs that could damage your device or interfere with your WhatsApp conversations.

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After all, these photos or videos of the states can be downloaded in HD or higher quality.

Steps to download WhatsApp status in HD

  • First you need to enter the folder or files of your smartphone.
  • Search the WhatsApp folder there using the magnifying glass.
  • At that time you will see a folder called Media.
  • Enable the feature now to display hidden files.
  • You will see a folder called Status.
  • Enter this folder and photos as well as status videos of your WhatsApp friends will appear.
  • Choose the one you want to download, and that’s it.

With this, you will have got WhatsApp status of high quality and without the need to take screen shots.

Temporary messages, on the other hand, are a function of deleting messages automatically before each private or group chat, which is done after a maximum of 7 or 90 days, i.e. after activating it in a single conversation, all sent messages: text, photos, videos, documents, etc. disappear during that period.

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After the new WhatsApp update, it is no longer necessary to activate the aforementioned tool in every chat, which means that once enabled it will apply to all conversations.

Additionally, they have added a new time, and now the content of chats will be deleted in at least 24 hours.

When you activate the ‘Temporary Messages’ tool, it’s important to make it clear that WhatsApp will display a notification to all your contacts stating that the function is enabled, as well as that they can discard it without deleting anything.

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