Video: Thanks to Ataco’s entrepreneurial support and receiving the first donation after the controversy with “Influencer”.

Ataco entrepreneur Eric Rivera, who publicly denounced backpacker Timmy Carter for harassing him for not wanting to pay for At 1 dessert, received financial help from citizens.

After a controversy with “influencer” Timmy Carter, the entrepreneur who sells sweet bread and coffee in Adako received a small donation. In a video released by Twitter user Eder Esquale, the salesman, identified as Eric Rivera Garcia, shows his gratitude to the people who supported him after his public complaint video went viral.

“A person appeared today and he came to buy us, and not only that, he donated $ 5 for free. He did not want us to register it because he said it was done from the heart,” Rivera said.

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Entrepreneur assures that as a result of this incident, more and more people who have identified him have come to his profession to consume sandwiches. On Twitter, users like Gladys Orton and Juan Thias are carrying a package to send it to entrepreneurs in the coming days.

Eric’s business is easy, but he has a small room and tables so tourists can have their coffee with bread. According to him, his business is located 50 meters from the entrance to Adako in Ahuchaban.

Polymico “influence”

Timmy Carter says he is a Greek living in the UK. On Saturday, the Presidential Communications Secretariat posted a book on Twitter, where they promise, “After President Naib Boukel announced that El Salvador is the first country in the world to have Bitcoin as a legal tender, Timmy took the first flight here.”

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Carter, who hails from Guatemala since May 22, has just 4,022 followers on that social network and more than 8,000 on YouTube, according to the release of his account on Instagram.

During a discussion with Ataco entrepreneurs, the traveler promised that a loaf of bread similar to the one Eric had tried to sell him would be worth 50 0.50 in London and, in addition, that he would be a friend of President Buckle and his video. Out in a month.

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