“Aunt Bubu” admitted that he had covered up the money laundering and returned 000 95,000

Regina Kansas admitted to simulating debt, thus justifying the appearance of money her son used for a car business.

Former television presenter Regina Maria Canas Rivera, artistically known as “Thea Bubu”, has admitted to covering up the money laundering offense before the Seventh Trial Court this Friday to avoid going to jail.

Canas Rivera, the ex-wife of Mauricio Fones, was also charged and returned 000 95,000. The property was valued at $ 62,780.89 and $ 32,220 in cash, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

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“Adding 000, 95,000.89 in total for civil liability insurance,” the attorney general said.

Canas and his son Diego Funes are being prosecuted in a public robbery case, from which Mauricio Funes is said to have led a structure that extracted $ 351 million from the state during his tenure.

The confession he made in court and the refund were part of the deal he made with the attorney’s office. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

George Hernandez, who was facing money laundering charges at the time, testified as a witness at yesterday’s hearing to confirm Kansas’ confession.

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The aforesaid court is scheduled to hear the case next Tuesday, in which the sentence to be imposed on Aunt Pubu will be known.

The money was deposited in August
, 32,220 was issued on August 17, 2020 by Kansas to the External Finance Unit in the custody of the Ministry of Finance.

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In addition, the defense of Chias Riviera informed the Seventh Trial Court on January 28 that the state prosecutor’s office would protect the civil sentence with property containing precautionary measures to register the claim.

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Despite the fact that he gave me the money and the property, at the end of the trial, Chias accused me of going to court and saying, “Yes, what I really did was protect my son, but there was a big difference between taking the money I had and returning it and stealing it.”

“I would like to clarify that in the same charges of the prosecutor’s office they said that they never found a penny of money that was not mine. My accusation was never that the money was not mine,” he told El Mundo and La.

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