The wave of criticism of Pinora after it was pointed out in the Pandora documents

The so-called “Papers of Pandora” tax havens leaked this Sunday against Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who is accused of running part of a controversial mining project in the British Virgin Islands. .

The critique came mainly from left and center opposition and filled social networks, where the hashtag #ElPeorPresidenteDeLaHistoria was widely shared for hours.

“The information we have just learned is very serious. Sebastian Pinera is evading taxes at tax havens, concealing relevant information, and always giving in to his personal interest in the public good,” said Gabriel Borick. November elections.

The Domingo Mining Project, a poll so far, added, “We have the environment in Chile and a unique ecosystem and we need to protect it.”

Central Democratic candidate Christian Democrat Yasna Provoste said, “It is unthinkable that the President of the Republic would stop environmental protection in La Higuera with Minera Dominga to ensure personal income and act in his own interest.”

“Chile demands complete transparency,” the former Senate president said.

Progressive Party leader and presidential candidate Marco Enrique-Ominami said, “Pinara has prospered at the expense of our environment.” “

Neither the official candidate for the current incumbent minister of Pinara (2018-2022) Sebastian Cecil nor the far-right Jose Antonio Cast have spoken.

Daily participation

An investigation by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), along with Chilean media outlets CIPER and LaBot, revealed that the sale of the Dominga mine project this Sunday was marred by irregularities in 2010, just months after Pinera first came to power. There is no continuous order.

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Pinara and his family were the largest shareholders in the Dominga project, but they sold their shares in Chile for $ 14 million and to their friend and businessman Carlos Alberto Delano with a signed certificate for $ 138 million in the British Virgin Islands.

According to the investigation, the decision not to install Pinera, as requested by environmental groups, was based on the failure to create an environmental protection area for the mining project.

In a statement sent minutes after the news broke, he denied that “Minera Domingo had any information about or participated in the sales process” and promised not to “participate in the management of any company for more than 12 years”. Before taking office as his first president. “

“The above incidents have already been investigated by the Ministry of Public Works and the courts in 2017 and the Attorney General’s Office has recommended that the case be closed due to lack of guilt (…) and the President’s non-participation,” the President’s Office handled.

Pinara, the country’s greatest fortune and will step down in March 2022, is one of the three active Latin American presidents mentioned in the inquiry, which has rocked the world again after the Panama Papers. Ecuador Guillermo Lasso and Dominican Luis Abinader.

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