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The standard bearer for Green is Crusero’s Gunner and the current highest scorer on the dive, Marcelo Martins (34).

Thirteen of the 26 Bolivian players were invited by its technical director, Venezuela Caesar Farias, to visit the Ecuadorian team in Guayaquil, citing the Bolivian newspaper’s sports section as “under-23s at the moment”. The reason, Posted via YouTube this Monday.

Journalist Paolo Abasa announced that the 22-year-old goalkeeper Ruben Cordano (Bolivar) and 22 of the players, including Roberto Carlos Fernandez (Bolivar), will attend the meeting on Thursday, October 7 at the monumental Bango Picinca Stadium. Zero Quinteros (Bolivar), 20; Sebastian Alvarez (Orient Petrolero), 20; Louis Hawkins (deporting Melibilla / Chile), 23; Roy Pablo Lima (Real Tomayapo), 21; Franz Gonzalez (strong), 21; Ramiro Wagah (K Beershot VA / Belgium), 22; Kevin Salvathiera (Bolivar), 20; John Garcia (Bolivar), 21; Henry Waka (Orient Petrolero), 23; Jose Brisceno (Orient Petrolero), 19; And Jaume Cuéllar (Lugo / Spain), 20 years old.

In addition, the spokesman noted that seven regular starters are staying in Bolivia for the remaining duties of the triple date this month, to play in La Paz against Peru and Paraguay.

Experienced for the clash with Ecuador are midfielders Fernando Saceto and Juan Carlos. Rabbit Ars, Carmelo Alcaranas and Rodrigo Ramallo, the ever-ready champion from El Alto.

Highland team number Crusader Gunner and Qatar South American tie for the 2022 World Cup, Marcelo Martின்n Moreno, 34.

As of Sunday, it is not known when goalkeeper Carlos Lambe will return to the concentration line from Greens’ regular opener Wallace Charlesfield.

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In addition to the soldiers who come with Farias, the brothers brothers Jesus and Jose Sacredo and Mark Enomba from Cameroon, a natural Bolivian, stand alone.

The selected team will have two training sessions in Santa Cruz and will fly to Guayaquil on a charter flight this Tuesday afternoon.

The Bolivian delegation will hold a training session at the Jorge Capewell Stadium on Wednesday morning, after which they will renovate the stadium at the monumental Banco Picincha Stadium, where they will face the Argentine Gustavo Albaro-led team starting at 7:30 pm on Thursday. (D)

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