‘Canelo Energy’, ‘Canelo’ Gas Stations of the Alvarez Empire

Boxer Cha ‘Canolo Alvarez is already taking his first steps as an entrepreneur as he will soon be introduced to the business world by his gas station chain, which will be named Canolo Energy.

Through his Instagram account, the Mexican boxer shared two videos in which he presented what the company logo would look like, dispenser pumps and uniforms for employees.

In addition to signing on one of the dispensing machines, the publication also shows that the boxer gave a presentation in front of his task force.

Last April, Canello gave a preview of his plans on In Deb with Graham Bensinger. On that occasion, the boxer’s property value was estimated at $ 150 million, and he talked about how he managed his wins.

“I’m investing in real estate. I have to retire. Thank God, I have invested everything. I have four to five million dollars every three months, so I have to retire right now. I have no problem,” he said of his career as an entrepreneur. Start: “I’m going to open between 90 and 100 gas stations in Mexico, they’s called Canelo Energy. When you go to load petrol, let everything be from Canelo. That’s my biggest challenge.”

The Mexican boxer, who is considered one of the best boxers in the world, explained that he wanted to become a businessman: “I want to be a millionaire in business. I’m not educated, I’m very down, but I want to learn. I want to learn many things. I love what I do. Boxing is my life. I’ll be here as long as I can. “

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The boxer said he knew what a risk was and that by doing so he would go out and win: “You risk a lot to win a lot, but I’m not stupid. You can have a lot of money quickly or you can have nothing.”

Canoelo Alvarez currently holds the WBA and WBC belts and won the WBO title after defeating Billy Joe Sanders in his last fight. From that fight, the Mexican is estimated to have won about 35 million.

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