Cat Breeds – An Overall Guide For Pet Owners on Looking After Them



According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, there are over 40 different recognized pedigreed cat breeds in the world. Other similar societies recognise upto 70 and more. The ones that are not recognised are the “hybrid” versions of most other pure breed felines. If they are a cross between two breeds such as the “Bambine” for instance, which is a mix of the Sphynx and the Munchkin, then it not considered in the list.

When breeding cats, the breeders select carefully from the original cat to the various ailments they may be genetically disposed of in their family line. This is because various types have some common health conditions or mutations that render them unrepairable with other types.

Examples include some cats with stubby legs, or short tails, which hinder them from climbing up things such as trees and furniture. Others may have short hair or no hair at all, like the Sphynx. Depending on the type of breed you are going to bring home, you should always check to see if it is a pure or mixed version. This link will help point you in the right direction when faced with the choice of which type of feline to adopt.


Looking After Your Cat

Once you have made your decision and brought the little furry home, it’s time to invest in the right things to keep him (and you) happy. This includes not only external factors such as buying them a good quality kitty litter box, or bedding and toys, but most essentially, it includes their diet. Cats have been known to eat most things they find on the floor, rendering them sick or giving them upset stomachs.

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However, with the right foods and lifestyle, you can make sure this doesn’t happen, or happens less. Feeding them is the top priority for any owner, and the food you give him or her will make a whole lot of difference to their personality, activity levels, mood and overall health.

The guidelines on the International Cat Care website state that you need a few things:

Companionship. You as the owner need to spend time with itregularly. Play with it, sit and cuddle with it, whatever you do make sure he knows who you are in the bigger picture.

Fresh Water and Regular Meals. You should try and keep them on a set routine and eating plan. For instance, give them 3 meals a day, and also have fresh clean water near their food at all times.

A Clean Litter Tray. Of course, this is essential to all pets. Having a clean tray for them to do their business is important if you don’t want them to mess with other areas of the house. Keeping their litter tray clean at all times also helps keep the stink away.

Regular Grooming. Yes, cats need to be groomed just as much as dogs do. Some cats that have long hair, such as the Persian longhair, or the Maine Coon, Balinese and others, require constant grooming, and having the right comb for this is also useful.

Clean and Comfortable Bed. This is also a top priority so they have a place to sleep and rest and not go wandering off to the neighbour’s house to find a bed of their own.

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Outdoor Access. Cat doors are helpful for this point, some owners get a cat latch door attached to their main door so the pets can come and go as they please, while others leave their garden door open when the cat is at home. Providing them with a space in the home or around it helps make them feel at home as well as minimises the need for them to walk around the neighbourhood and get into contact with other cats that may be dirty.

Flea and Worm Treatment. Getting regular check-ups should be every pet owners responsibility. Make sure you have a vet clinic that you have registered your feline at and get them checked and sprayed for fleas as well as checked for worms, every few months.Further information can also be found on their website:


The Importance of a Good Diet and Lifestyle

As mentioned above, their diet can be a fundamental aspect of their entire life and feeding them junk won’t help them go a long way and will keep you frequently visiting the vet for health issues. If you want to keep them happy and healthy, investing in the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals are the best things you could do. But with so many choices of different foods and treats, where do you begin?

Enter – CBD Pet Foods or Oils.

Food plays one of the most important things in any moggy’s lifestyle. If they don’t get the right foods at home, they will either get sick, face health issues or go out looking for it, and may end up eating harmful things they find lying around on the roads or footpaths. Knowing what to give them is part of your research.

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Besides asking your vet what types of food you should be giving him or her, there are some cat breeds that may be stubborn when it comes to certain foods. This is why an added supplement such as pure, organic CBD oils or pet food created with CBD oil in it, is a good addition to his existing diet.

For the most part, a protein-rich diet will suffice, this will include items such as tuna or salmon, onto which you can add some CBD oil from a pet store, made specifically for them, or buy a bag or can of CBD rich foods that will keep them all-round happy, healthy, and avoid those pesky health issues and unnecessary visits to the vet every month.

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