Travel through space hearing how far hits of all time are reaching with this website

The universe is, so to speak, the set of everything that exists. What Wikipedia says, is the totality of all forms of matter, energy, space-time and physical laws that govern them. And the universe is, above all, very very big. Enormous. Its diameter is at least 93,000 million light years. It is difficult to get an idea of ​​its enormity, but helps us.

This website is a kind of experiment under the responsibility of Mike Lacher, Mika Chernov, Brian Moore and Chris Baker and its purpose is a genius: hear how far the hit songs of the last 120 years have traveled through space. The further we are from Earth, the longer it takes for radio waves to travel there, and the older the music you hear.

Hearing how far the musical hits of the last 120 years have traveled through space is the purpose of this website

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A great journey through space, music and time

As the creators of the project themselves remember, due to the law of the inverse of the square, any terrestrial radio emission it would be nothing more than background noise a few light years from our planet. “So take comfort in knowing that all those awesome constellations up there will never hear Rebecca Black,” they say.

But in the space that represents radio waves reach more than 100 light years. There is the grace.

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The older a song is, the farther from Earth it will be playing because the longer waves from those emissions would have spent traveling through space.

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5 light years away, for example, we hear right now The monster from eminem the Roar by Katy Perry. If we go a little further, 20 light years from Earth, it sounds Gettin ‘Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith or Dear by Mariah Carey. Taking a major leap up to 50 light years, Hey Jude The Beatles Something stupid by Nancy Sinatra are triumphing. At 75 light years we hear songs by Dick Haymes or Benny Goodman and at 100, for example, songs from 1918 such as Over there scored by Enrico Caruso.

This website is a fantastic way to take a great journey through space, music and time listening to short fragments of the songs of each moment one after another.

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