Chinese fighter pilot brags about flying over Taiwan airspace: ‘I felt proud’

His name is Yang Juncheng and he is a captain in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. He leads what is called in our language “multi-purpose interceptor 20”, prof Chinese J-20 fighter Latest generation and format stealthily. This means that it is stealthy and practically invisible to the best detection radars. His name made headlines because of remarks on Chinese television in which he boasted of a trip that could generate a lot of tension in neighboring Taiwan – and by extension in the United States.

As reported by the media How do the reasonThe pilot told China Central Television (CCTV) that he flew over Taiwan’s airspace on the back of his fighter in an operation that allowed him to see the entire surface of this island, which China claims and holds. A latent struggle has not stopped climbing in recent months.

The Chinese flight captain stated that it passed through the Bashi Channel, Miyako Strait and Tsushima Strait in the East China Sea. Specifically, these sites have a special symbolic charge, since China does not recognize the territorial sovereignty of Taiwan and, therefore, the existence of a border in the Taiwan Strait.

“I told myself at that moment that I would fly over the island in the future.”

“At that moment I felt very proud,” Juncheng told the Chinese series to stress. Impact on Xi Jinping’s government theses: “I told myself at that moment that I would fly over the island in the future. There is no dividing line in the Taiwan Strait.”

The J-20, the “hidden” future of aviation

Without a doubt, the J-20 in recent years has become a benchmark for combat stealth fighters that cannot be detected by the latest radars. In fact, this type of aircraft has not yet come to implement all the technologies and facilities that aspire to make it the heir to the F-22 and F-23, the American jewels of this type of aviation.

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It should be noted that with the entry into service of the J-20 in 2018, China became the third country in the world to have fighters with the technology. stealthily, but it has achieved greater achievement in its regional bloc. It was the first Asian country to have undetectable aircraft, a matter of great importance in the conflict between Taiwan and Continuous transit of accusations of violating Taiwanese territory.

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